Guidance Appreciated for Window AC Unit Installation

SheckyJune 7, 2012

I have purchased a new window AC unit to install in my daughter's Chicago 6th apartment. As you can guess, I want to make sure I install it properly. The unit to be installed is a 12,000 BTU Whirlpool W5WCE128YW. The standard installation in the manual assumes a nice flat sill to work with which we do not have. There is a 1-5/8" high channel which the metal window closes into which sits on the marble sill. I would like to know the best with to deal with this sill obstruction, the marble sill, the metal window frame, the potential necessity of additional AC support if needed, and the brick apartment building exterior wall. The only mounting hardware that I can tell which comes with the unit is the top channel which attaches to the window sash and the window lock brackets. Also do you recommend the removal of the unit from the unit frame during installation for ease in installation? I will post photos, but I am not sure how to do this. Thank in advance!

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How do other tenants do this? It might be good to find out.

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Hi weedmeister. Yes I did try that. The one we were able to look at from inside the apartment had the unit resting on the channel on the sill. From what I could see from looking out an adjacent window, there were some sort of brackets attached to the bottom of the unt frame which beared on the exterior metal window frame. I could not tell if the brackets were screwed into the exterior metal frame. I also don't know if these brackets came with the LG unit they had. I have a call into the fellow that re-installed it this season (his girlfriend did not know the details). I thought the recommended way was to put a spacer on the sill to bring the mounting elevation above the obstruction. Problem is I don't want to mess with the marble sill to attach the spacer. There was no answer at the other apartment we tried.

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