Very annoyed. 2yr old WP Duet has bit the dust.

lawjediJanuary 23, 2011

So my machine started getting really loud - jet engine loud - a month or 2 ago. I called repairman and he immediately said "bearings" and "nearly as expensive to repair vs. buying again" ... so I just decided to put up with the VERY LOUD washer until it died.

It's dead.

So now I need another washer. Obviously I'm not overly anxious to get another whirlpool.

I prefer a front loader - I like having the top of the washer and dryer surfaces for folding. But I've been reading about the unreliability of front loaders.... I DEFINITELY think a washer should last more than 2 years!

I need a LARGE CAPACITY washer. We are a family of 6 and I keep that machine running nearly every day.

I've been researching on and off ever since I knew my machine's days were numbered - and all I am is even more confused. Consumer Reports was no help at all - they liked my dead washer!

So... is there a reliable, large capacity front loading machine that you can recommend????

or do I need to switch to a top loader to have a machine last?

I don't think all the "bells and whistles" are worth it - just more things that can go wrong. But I do want something that can handle the daily demands of a family of 6.

thanks for any advice you may have.

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What is your budget range? That will effect the recommendations. Also, which features are or are not important to you (ie internal water heater)?

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I don't think I'm too picky about laundry. I just want it to work and to be reliable. I have 4 young kids - so we go through laundry faster than rabbits breed. ;-)

I do like to think the sheets are really clean after accidents and those sick in the middle of the night episodes.

Budget. hmm. if I truly thought I was getting a machine that would live up to everything it is supposed to do and still be working 10+ yrs from now, I'd probably just get it (dh may balk, though). That being said, we have many other spending priorities going on (ie 4 kids' and their expenses), so I don't need/want the best/newest/bell/whistles. I just want reliable, dependable... and BIG.

the duet that just died was 2 yrs old in november - a matched set of steam washer and dryer... it was Whirlpool's "top of the line" at the time.... and now it's dead. (although dryer is still working fine)

I don't have them stacked currently - but might want the option later. I do use the large top surface for folding/organizing.

I'm kinda thinking about the LG's... any thought's there?

I also would LOVE to know what size washer I have - can't find it in the manual... and when I google my model number, info about parts and service come up now. (WFW9500TWO1). Whatever size I have now, I don't want to go smaller than.


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Hi lawjedi, wow ... that is early for a bearing failure. Mine is just going now (10 year old Frigidaire) so I too am in the market for new machines. Although, after 10 years I don't feel they owe me much.

Did you use proper HE detergent and all the "proper" FL maintenance (leave door open after use etc ...)?

Is this your machine on attached link? If so, it's 4.0 cu. ft.

Here's what I believe ... there is a 5% (they say) failure rate for any brand. I've just gone through this process so I'd say write down the features you really want to have and narrow it down from there. Decide if there are any brands you won't consider (I assume Whirlpool) and rule them out.

I have looked at EVERYTHING there is over the last few months. I have brought it down to Miele or LG. I just helped my Mom buy new entry level LGs (her budget was smaller) and I have to say ... I really like them. I think they feel much nicer than Whirlpool and Bosch. They seem to have tons of good reviews on line and Consumer Reports rates them highly and they are the least repair prone (according to CR).

There are a few LGs larger than 4.0.

The WM3885 is Ultra Large 4.8 cu.ft. capacity and has two settings a Mom (like us) would appreciate - Sanitary (158 F) and Allergiene (which eliminates common allergens using steam). This is their largest unit right now.

Slightly smaller and more affordable would be the WM3360 at 4.5 cu.ft. capacity. It also has the above two settings.

Even slightly smaller (but larger than your Duet) is the WM2501 at 4.2 cu. ft. capacity. I'm considering this one with matching gas dryer. Also has above mentioned settings.

I would love the 4.5 cu. ft. but it doesn't have a gas dryer so 4.2 it is (if I go with LG).

Good luck - let us know what you end up deciding.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool 4.0 cu. ft. white front-load Duet washer

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yes that is my machine!! Thank you! I've been trying to figure this out - was afraid to consider the 4.0 machines cuz I thought mine might have been bigger. Now that size is "back on the table."

Yep, used the HE detergent. left the door open... did the clean wash cycle often... guess I was in the "lucky" 5%.

I probably will be making this decision this week. - laundry is already piling up!

thanks for your input :-)

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I had to respond "Livebetter" because what you said is true; The LG washers have a much sturdier feel than the Whirlpool/Maytag.....But at the same time they are cheaper........I don't understand that......Wouldn't you think they would use ultra cheap materials in South Korea (isn't that where they were made?)...Yet they feel solid as a rock....

My DUET is SIX years old and still going strong. If/when it fails....I'm strongly leaning toward an LG.....A few years ago, I wouldn't have said that.

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I think you can look to Hyundai to see what is happening in Korean production. Now larger than Nissan and Honda worldwide.

We have a Hyundai Veracruz we purchased several months ago that we really love. We would have never considered a Hyundai a few years ago either and we were shocked when we found ourselves looking at it.

It got glowing reviews and some said for the price difference between it and the Lexus 350 ... Hyundai gave you more for your money (including 7 seats).

If it weren't for my positive Hyundai experience, I probably would not consider the LG but ... I have to say they are very nice looking machines.

I know (Larsi) not as solidly built as a Miele but nice anyway :)

This is a little blurb from a Washington Post article I read while doing my Hyundai research:

Forget the myth. Hyundai Motor is not a tiny South Korean manufacturer of cheap little cars. It is a giant -- the largest car company in South Korea and, as a part of the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, the sixth-largest car company in the world.

It is a threat to anyone making cars, economy or luxury.

It can topple General Motors. It can upset Toyota. It already has bypassed Nissan and Honda in global vehicle sales. It is as determined as any company to rank No. 1 on the world's automotive stage.

I think you will see these Korean companies doing very well. Most everywhere I went shopping for washers/dryers the sales guys told me LG was the best selling brand (even where they sell Miele - as Miele is a niche brand only some can afford or want to spend $$ on).

Here is a link that might be useful: Washington Post articl - Hyundai

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I'm confused, what does Hyundai have to do with LG? Hyundais are now okay, so LG's must be okay because they're both Korean? That seems to be a stretch.

To the OP: Doublecheck that whatever brand you decide on has service techs in your area. I know that that has been a drawback for LG and Samsungs in non-metro areas. You never know what will happen with any given machine, but not having anyone within 200 miles who is authorized to fix it, especially if it's still under warranty, would definitely be a deal breaker for me. YMMV.

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I get where you are coming from, but you have to realize that LG, or Samsung might be very good at making certain products (and they are) and not so good at making other products; the same holds true for any other manufacturer. Therein lies the caveat.

Although we have Miele, Miele will still have to earn our next round of business, as will others. However, I can say that I would not consider any of the present LG or Samsung models available. Why? They are both trying too hard to incorporate everything possible whereas Miele has taken a slow methodical approach. Plus, neither models have the construction or materials levels that the Miele products do.

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I was responding to mark40511's comment that it must be made with "ultra cheap materials" (because made in Korea).

I was merely pointing out that you cannot assume because it's from Korea it's not good. I thought that point was clear and not confusing and Hyundai seemed to be the one Korean example that illustrates that.

I wasn't saying I thought LG was making the best darn everything there is. I've never owned an LG personally but I have done a TON of research in the last several weeks.

While I admit (and have admitted all over this forum) that Miele makes the most solid machine available it is financially not possible for "many" people to buy (at least here in Canada where the cost of the W4842/T9822 + pedestals will cost you $6,000).

I see Miele as its own entity. If you can afford them great. For everyone else, decisions have to be made from the other pool (LG, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool/Maytag, GE, etc ...). I think it's unfair to compare any of those brands to Miele. From the pool of affordable options, I'm sure there must be some good machines. I refuse to believe that if you can't get a Miele your SOL. Your destined to own a piece of crap that will surely die prematurely.

fahrenheit_451, you are comparing the Miele available in the NA market. As pointed out by someone else, Miele is now offering steam on one of their German machines and self dosing detergents. So they too are starting to add "features".

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fahrenheit_451, you are comparing the Miele available in the NA market. As pointed out by someone else, Miele is now offering steam on one of their German machines and self dosing detergents. So they too are starting to add "features".That was me who reported the new Miele machines and features. I try to stay as unbiased as I can. I am only interested in the product, and may the better product win--no matter what brand.

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LOL ... Sorry about that fahrenheit_451! I've read SO much lately it's all a blur ...

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I have a 6 year old WP Duet and no problems yet. I looked at Home Depot and saw the new top loading Maytag machines, quite big, use less water than the old top loading machines. I think the number is 14 gallons per load on a typical f/l machine vs 20 gallons per load on the new Maytag top loading machine. My wife likes the top loading machine for the soaking factor better than the f/l machine. I'm not sure about how long the Maytag machines last these days.

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