Speed Stick?

PatJanuary 24, 2013

Some time ago someone on this Forum mentioned an underarm deodorant/anti-pers that does not stain clothes. Does anyone remember if it was 'Speed Stick' and does it work?

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We used Mennen Speed Stick -- Dry Lime scent -- almost exclusively for thirty or forty years. No, we did not notice any laundry stains that we would attribute to the deordorant. Colgate bought Mennen, and discontinued all but one or two of the scents, and we moved on.

Moved on to Kiss My Face Liquid Rock, which is gentler, works better, has no aluminum salts, and also does not stain laundry.

Your mileage may vary.

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OMG, would I love the dry lime scent --my favorite scent is Royal Lyme men's aftershave. it's the only scent I wear if ever. Thank you for the Kiss tip. Love their olive bar soap.

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I used to love, love, love Old Spice Original Scent deodorant. It's white, yet goes on smoothly and offers amazing odor and anti-perspirant protection. Sadly, it really builds up on fabrics, and makes yellow marks on light clothing, and on dark shirts...it stays a little white and shimmery even after washing!!

I switched to the Crystal Rock natural deodorant. It comes in a stick form, or a free formed rock that you hold. You very lightly moisten it with water, and than apply to underarms. It is natural, recommended by Cancer Centers across the World, very effective and really works!!!

I teach Group Fitness, really hard, high intensity exercise classes and I have never "smelled" bad. Been over a year now, using the natural rock deodorant, and I LOVE it. NO stains, NO build up...just flawless protection!!

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I should have looked this up first, but according to GoodGuide.com, Speed Stick and Mennen Speed Stick, both now made by Colgate-Palmolive, are rated highly in the Health category of the Good Guide website, which I refer to all the time. So, I'll be looking for the one that touts no staining. Got some new underclothes for my DH, and along with laundering in Vaska now, I don't want to damage the shirts with that awful underarm stain from harsh or dangerous antiperspirant ingredients.
Thank you.

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patann: "Thank you for the Kiss tip. Love their olive bar soap."

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock deodorant is the pre-moistened roll-on version of the same ingredients in the free-formed rock sold under the Crystal Rock brand that larsi loves. The nicest fragrance, "ete" ("summer" in French; it should have acute accents on the e's, but Alt-130 gives Garden Web's software problems, IIRC) of course is impossible to find.

By coincidence, the aloe version of Kiss My Face olive oil bar soap graces our shower this moment. We had never tried it before last month. We do like it, and were impressed by the dramatically short list of ingredients on the label. But I think we might go back to another Canadian brand, Canus Goat Milk Olive Oil, when this bar is done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Canus Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap

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