Hot and Cold hoses reversed on Miele? URGENT

covingtoncatJanuary 30, 2011


After trying to run a No Heat Cycle, I noticed glass felt warm to touch. I immediately stopped the cycle and drained the water and sure enough, water was hot.

Hoses are hooked up to the correct faucets, but it they are reversed where they come out of the back of the washer according to the owners manual.

How do I switch these? I can not tell how they fit into the back of the unit. Can I do it myself or do I need to have the installers come back out?

No wonder I was having wrinkle problems! TIA

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Do you have the original grey(hot) and white (cold) hoses?

If so they are attached at the back but with a plastic nut, someone with a good grip should try and unscrew them and switch.

If you have to use pliers then be careful not to crack the plastic.

I just checked on my washer and during rinses it uses only cold water.

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Thanks, Mihai!

You were right in your earlier post when you suggested they were reversed! I do have the original hoses, and the "professional" installers did not do the job correctly. They were right at the hookups, but reversed where attached to the washer.

I've returned them now to the correct order and was able to get a cold water fill. Hopefully this will help with the "wrinkle" problem, too.

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