Friedrich Kuhl Units

JHZR2June 30, 2012

I have historically bought Friedrich A/C units (window) because they are US made. As it turns out, all Friedrich manufacturing has moved to China/Mexico, which is very disappointing. Yet I still have to believe that they make the best units out there. Does anyone disagree or have info to the contrary?

Our home has a 2 ton wall unit in the downstairs (Maytag D-series chassis, from 2001 or so). It does a good job of cooling most of the downstairs floorplan, since it is pretty wide open. I didnt install it, and am pretty confident it is oversized.

Right size or not, my biggest issue is that it is loud. As we have radiant heating with a mod/con boiler that is 96%+, so Im not really interested in central.

The Kuhl units are claimed to be much quieter. But I have not had any chance to compare side to side. They arent really available to have a look at or mess with, and Friedrich doesnt provide any sort of relative dB rating. I know that our X-star US made window unit is REALLY quiet.

So, can anyone comment on how quiet the Kuhl units are? Do they really do a substantially better job of isolating noise and vibration than other units (I realize that much of this has to do with quality of installation, but there is an aspect of system construction that effects it).

Any practical experience? Some neighbors installed a Chinese Frigidaire and found it no quieter than the 20 year old unit it replaced. I wont sink money in if that's the case. Ill re-side the home and figure out how to fit a split in the hole.

Any info on Kuhl? Thanks very much!

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No first hand experience with Kuhl but from looking at cutaways, I see an old fashion window unit paired with an attractive faceplate and updated electronics. There is really nothing innovative with regards to noise control. So they use thin metal instead of styrofoam to isolate the compressor...big deal. It is still going to cycle on with a kick and generate about 50db of noise indoors.

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Well they make a LOT of claims about noise isolation. And I know that our 5400btu X-star is far quieter than the 2 ton Maytag, of course that is likely because of the obvious equipment sizing differences...

50dB indoors to me seems awful quiet compared to what I think the Maytag unit makes...

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Most manufacturers are in other country's now. Mexico's quality has improved over the last decade in my opinion. China has a long way to go still. Mexican's are hard workers generally. American car company's went to Canada years ago with no complaints so it is all part of the way things are done know.
Take a look at Goodman which is made in Texas and compare that brand with any other that is made in Mexico, they are about the same.

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The improved noise isolation they're claiming is a throwback to the way window units were made 25 years ago. Large heavy cabinet, bigger air passage, steel inner wall, thicker rubber grommets. What is needed is a radical redesign of the compressor because the ones now being installed in Friedrich AC's are loud and prone to vibrate

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So can we assume that there is noise benefit over a unit from 10 years ago from maytag, especially I'd the rating is slightly lower?

Whether Mexican or Chinese stuff is as good in terms of quality, it's lost American jobs for stuff that we certainly can acquire and build without major issues. My friedrich X-star was US made as we're the models before it.

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