rinsing soap from fabric

mrsh01January 22, 2012

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, as it's about doing laundry rather than about the machine itself, but here goes:

Does anyone else have a problem with getting detergent build up on certain fabrics? I am careful not to use too much detergent, but it seems like whenever I wash waffleknit shirts they end up soaking up detergent and not rinsing clean. When I wear them they make me itch and feel like they've got soap residue on them. They end up with this kind of "sheen" where they look a bit shiny, which also makes me think there's soap build up.

I don't use fabric softener luckily, so it's not that. But right now I'm doing an experiment where I washed just one waffleknit pajama top alone with a tiny drop of detergent. I've now run it through 6 extra rinse cycles, and it still appears as though it's not rinsing fully.

Is it just because this fabric is like a sponge or something? I love waffleknits because they're so comfortable, but I end up never being able to wear them after the first washing, because they come out of the wash looking somewhat shiny (not noticeably, but if you stretch the fabric you can see a sort of shiny, filmy look)and they make me itch like crazy (even with hypoallergenic detergent).

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Have you tried something like Woolite? I would hand wash one and try rinsing with vinegar to see if that would help.

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Have you tried Charlie's Soap laundry detergent? It will eventually get the other detergent residue out after a couple washes. It also rinses clean and is good for sensitive skin--no dyes or perfumes. It may be worth checking out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie's Soap Site

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Try using white vinegar in your rinse.

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Are you using a powdered detergent? In my experience powders are lower sudsing and have less additives. I add an extra rinse on every load as well. Some detergents, Tide for me, just do not rinse well. Do you have the same issues with towels? Vinegar in the rinse will only neutralize the alkalinity from your detergent. Rinsing in warm water would likely help too if you are not already. Built up soap in your machine itself may be a factor. GL!

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Does your machine offer at least 2-3 rinses, and does it spin between rinses? If not, I suggest you run your load through multiple rinses and spin between rinses. This will ensure all residual water (and detergent) is spun out of your garments.

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