thermo pride vs rheem vs amana vs goodman vs carrier

ginny20June 30, 2011

We need to switch from our 12-year-old Thermo Pride oil furnace to a gas furnace. We received quotes from 3 established, reputable HVAC companies, including our current oil provider, who has always provided very good, prompt service.

Vendor A offered only a Rheem.

Vendor B said that he had replaced relatively new Rheems for people who found them too noisy, and he offered Goodman, Amana or Carrier.

Vendor C (current oil provider, who also installed the current thermo pride) offered a Rheem for less than Vendor A, and he is also giving us a quote on a Thermo Pride.

I asked him about Thermo Pride because all three guys, when they saw our oil furnace, told us what a great furnace it is. Are their gas furnaces as good as their oil furnaces?

The quotes for the furnaces are all within a few hundred dollars of each other. One benefit of going with our current provider is that as part of the deal, they will remove the oil tank and give us some credit for the oil in it. With the others, we need to get another firm to remove the tank, and no oil credit. Tank removal could vary from $200 to $400.

So I'm leaning towards the Thermo Pride. But admittedly, I know pretty much nothing about furnace brands except what the three guys have told us. Amana, or was it Goodman?, did have a great warranty on parts and labor.

Also, if it matters to your advice, we will not be getting a heat pump. It's upstate NY, it gets really cold (I had to laugh when I read a thread from someone in Seattle who said that it "often got very cold there, down to the 30's at night"), and electricity here is really expensive.

Any thoughts, HVAC gurus?

Oh, and yes, I now know that if we had done this 8 months ago, we could have gotten a huge tax credit. Please don't rub it in.


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model numbers of furnaces quoted would be helpful.

Based on your location and cold winter climate, I would look at the full modulating furnaces on the market like York/Luxaire, Rheem/Rudd, Lennox, Trane/AmStd. Carrier/Bryant was supposed to introduce their modulating model this summer. Probably would not consider it until it has been on the market for awhile.


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Sorry I took so long. I was waiting for the final quote.

Here are the models we've been offered.

Rheem R6Rm-07EAMER 75K BTU variable speed 95%

Carrier 58MVC060 60K BTU Infinity series

Amana AMVC95070 70K BTU variable speed

Goodman GMVC95070 70K BTU variable speed

Thermo Pride CHX175 75BTU with ECM motor (don't know what that is)

The Thermo Pride is actually the cheapest. They all hover between $4200 and about $4700. The house is about 1700 sq ft. Last year we used 664 gallons of oil in a furnace that tests at 85%. These are all 95% efficiency. Would the Thermo Pride be a mistake?

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Your first priority is to determine who will do the best installation. This is the most difficult part of the process. Do any neighbors have any experience with these contractors?

Next is the sizing. Did any contractor explain how they came up with their respective sizes?

I have the Carrier 58MVC060 60K BTU furnace. It is a 3-stage furnce with an AFUE of 95%. It is the top of the line Carrier furnace. Carrier offers a 10-year parts warranty and one year labor warranty. You can get a 10-year labor warranty from Carrier at an additional cost. This furnace qualifies for the $150 tax credit. I don't think the Thermo Pride qualifies since it has an AFUE rating of 93%.

Ask about getting a 4 inch media filter, rather than a one inch.

What are you doing about heating your hot water?

What are going to do with the money you will be saving?

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Thanks, Mike. That gave me some good questions to ask.

I called Thermo Pride, and the CHX1-75 is rated 95% and qualifies for the credit. The company installing it would be the same one who installed our current oil furnace, and one of the other vendors looked at the install and said it looked good (he was trying to say how he would do better, but he had to stop and say well, they actually did a pretty good job here...)We always had very good, prompt service from this company for our previous furnace, which was ancient. I don't think we ever had a service call on the Thermo Pride except the annual maintenance visits. The other two companies are very reputable, long established family businesses.

No one showed me a calculation for the size offered. They all based it on sq ft, and they all knew what furnace I currently have. It was interesting that the Carrier was only 60K but the others were 70-75K.

We heat with electric now, but when that dies, we'll replace with a gas hot water heater, unless the on-demand ones come down in price by then.

The money we save for three years or so will pay for the new furnace.

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The ThermoPride furnace is a two stg variable speed model as are the Goodman and the Amana. The Carrier is a three stg var speed furnace that would require their proprietary Infinity controller. You will note there are size differences between the models quoted. On the Rheem you need to recheck for the complete model number.

Are you doing anything about AC?

For your area and winter climate, I still would recommend the full modulating models that I listed in previous post for best savings and comfort.

What size is your existing furnace?


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Sorry, the Rheem is RGRM-07 EAMER.

Our current oil furnace appears to be 85K, because that's what size they came in 12 years ago.

We have a Thermo Pride AC that will be connected to the new furnace. We'll also get an Aprilaire Humidifier.

Are there any fully modulating 95% efficiency units? Why is fully modulating better? Does it save money? Thanks!

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Demodulating units offer better comfort. The furnace can operate at a low stage and reduce the blower speed in order to have a quiet air flow and longer fire run time. It can be a little more efficient since the furnace will not be constantly starting and stopping.

The Carrier Infinity controller also monitors humidity. You can set the desired humidity level and it can operate the humidifier. It is a nice feature if you have had humidity problems in the past.

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Rheem's RGRM furnace is also a two stage var speed model.

This furnace along with the Amana and Goodman will require a good two stage thermostat for best operation. As said previously, the Carrier MVC Infinity furnace will require their proprietary Infinity controller for proper operation.

I still believe the fully modulating furnace is best for your area/climate. Simplified, the modulating furnace operates in 1% increments between 40% and 100% output based on load demand. These furnaces have efficiency from 95% to 98% depending on size and brand. Of course tech specifications will vary among these models. These multiple stages will give you a higher degree of comfort than the two and three stage models as well as a lower operating cost. In your case, you should see a quick payback from oil heat to gas heat both on cost/BTU and efficiency.


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I need to replace my oil furnace with another oil furnace and am considering:

  1. Carrier OVLAAB060154 Oil Furnace (ECM Motor)
  2. Regal front Flue low boy LB-1000FFECMR with Riello burner
    3 Thermo Pride - don't have the specifics yet.
  3. Also have looked at Adams Manufacturing which is a condensing oil fired furnace with up to 95% AFUE. Not many distributors in my area (Massachusetts)

Does anyone have any comments on any of these. Variable speed motor seems important and 1-3 all will have that. I need a low boy due to space constraints. I believe that Adams needs # 1 fuel to be most efficient which would increase operating costs.

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Thermo pride has the worst customer service you can imagine. Will not talk to homeowner for any reason. Refer you to contractors. Would not even let me purchase touch up paint. Horrible oil furnaces and horrible company. Stay clear

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