Samsung TL and other New HE Models

GregRodJanuary 18, 2013


The wife and I recently purchased a set of Samsung's model WA456DRHDSU & DV456 (dryer).

I've read many posts about the hatred of these machines. I understand some are lemons and that is why they do not work well. Many times it appears that there is a simple misunderstanding of how these washers/dryers work.

First...(and I found out the hard way) that there is math built into each selection on the dials. When heavy duty is selected there is an actual weight parameter assigned. ie:

When the weight is 10 - 12 add this much water, 12- 14 this much water...and so on. The spin speed is also adjusted into each parameter as well.

If the user tries to change the spin speed or lets say puts a large load in normal cycle then this throws off the math and this causes undersired results. (Of course the manuals do not explain this to the user)

Manuals tend to tell us about what fabrics to wash for each cycle but never explain weight and "fuzzy logic".

I made the mistake of setting Heavy Duty (which auto assigns High Spin) but changed the spin to medium thinking I would put less stress on the machine and the AquaJet feature did not work. I called in to service and they wanted to change the board on my brand new machine. It was not required. Simple logic went into play and it was simply a user error (that customer service could simply not figure out).

Also, these machines do work better on larger loads, therefore, I can see how some complain that clothing may get damaged. If you do not require a larger machine then these huge top loaders are not for you.

I would say, it makes no sense to stick with old school machines. These machines use too much water and electricity to run. The new motors use less electricty even on long cycles. I had an old GE that died. Often times water would go all the way to the top of the drum and wash nothing as the clothes were always at the bottom. A waste of water.

As for legnth of time washing clothes HE's take a little longer, but when coupled with the dryer it takes less time because the dryer auto matically adjusts time for drying.

For instance, you may put clothing in and its set for 1hr, but the dryer adjusts time based on humidity. Therefore a few minutes after clothing hits the dryer it may drop the time to 25 mins. This happenes because the washer spins the clothing at high speeds almost drying the clothes it takes less time to dry in the dryer further saving on electricity.

In any case, there is a learning curve in using these new products. Just because they work differently there is no need to fear them....we just have to learn how to use them, which can be a pain.

My two cents.....

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That is a very interesting concept; I would have never thought about that. I wonder if the same logic applies to other brands of HE washers TL and FL?

As for the dryer, I recently purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio. I wasn't sure if I would be happy with it because of all the complaints on Cabrio products in the past but then again, this is the dryer and it has all that Eco-friendly settings and stuff. Anyway, I use the cycles as recommended for the type of load; so example, I have normal type load, I set it on Normal and don't modify any of the settings except for "Eco Boost" and it will start out at 43 min. Then it might jump up to 56 min, then as the clothes start to dry, the time will drop from like 42 min to 21 min and then before I know it, the cycle is complete and the clothes are dried perfectly. I've done dozens of loads of laundry and a full load always takes just around 32-35 min total time to dry. It's an electric dryer too, cause we moved from a house with a gas dryer to one without gas hookup and I was worried that the power might really spike with the way I do so much laundry but the dryer has had actually very little impact on the power usage.

So, to (try) to make a long story short, I can see how not using the correct cycle on a washer or dryer could cause problems or undesired results.

Thanks for posting your thoughts on that.

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I have a LG wave force washer, Id never buy it again. my 10yr old front loader was a much better washer, in cleaning results, spinning, and quality. I used the samsung HE TL at my brothers, HATED IT!

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CharterOps...yes New HE washers from all makers use Fuzzy Logic.

Gates1...why do you dislike the LG? What did you dislike about the Samsung? I admit I haven't used the machine long enough to form an overall opinion, but we have been very impressed so far.

We definitely do fewer loads and because of the faster drying finish up much faster now.

Clothes seem just as clean or cleaner than before.

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My LG drain pump leaked at years olds old, flooded the house. It spends way too much time spinning the drum full of water and not doing much of anything(no wave force jets spraying water on the clothes) The internal heater does not heat the water to 160 degree's as stated when I bought the machine in their advertisements on the sanitary cycle. If I wash blankets the machine does off balance and shut off, which is good, instead of self destructing like others have experienced. Now it rip the corner of sheets. I bought a brand new flannel set and washed them before they went on the bed and I got seriously frayed corners, and a hole in the middle of the top sheet. Called for service, and they came out and said there is nothing wrong with the machine, its funtioning properly. IF I wash 8 pair of mens jeans, it fills up like a tradtional toploader, all the way to the top and takes an hour to do a load. I can get a conventional toploader that will fill up and wash a load in 35 minutes and use less water in the long run. No matter how you load it, when it first starts to sense the washload weight, it balls everything up in the tub. I had a frontloader, that served me very well for 10 years. I sure do miss it. I never had mold/smell issues with it and it washed in true hot warm and cold water.

The samsung washer uses too little water, both my mom and sister in law say that after they wash a load of darks, it leaves white "lint like residue on the clothes" and some things do not come clean. I think all of these He toploaders suffer from loads going off balanced easily

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Hey Gates1,

Sorry to hear that...I have heard nothing but bad things about LG's. The funny thing is is that they are highly rated on Consumer Reports.

How can a consumer make a good decision when even CR is wrong.

I am sorry to hear about the Samsung issue as well. We must be lucky so far. Our Samsung WA456 has been pretty good. Have found only an issue with the Heavy Duty cycle and the use of the Aquajet (which is similar to the waveforce). If the load is too too fills to high with water. When level is too high the Aquajet will not work. I've been reading that HD cycle on these HE units typically add more water. On half tub loads, the Aquajet on HD will work. We are still learning how to use it. I am going to change the soil level on HD cycle to see if that helps.

As for water levels in our unit, it puts the water just above the clothes on all other cycles as advertised. All loads seem clean after wash and dry.

I guess we are far.

I does seem as if inconsistent build is prevalent in all makes.

Sign of the times. No protections for consumers or at best lousy warranties for high priced appliances.

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I have read online that the aqua jet washer will sling water over the edge of the tub on to the floor if it is filled too high. The washer is a good concept, but from what I have read on the samsung site, it does not have a internal heater, which I feel is a must in any HE machine. Im tired of the thumbed down water temperatures that new machines have been forced to use. Hot is now warm, warm is cold, and cold is useless as it does not clean worth a hoot, even with tide coldwater detergent, whites did not come out clean. I had to rewash them in hot water.

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I have read the same thing about the Aquajet, however, it has never happend on my washer. In fact, there are many folks who state onlie that they have not had the leak/overflow issue. Family of 4 so we do alot laundry too. I pray we do not see it happen either!

As for hot water, when we select hot we get hot. Not sure how hot but its pretty hot. Our hot water heater is in the room right behind the washer. I am guessing this helps. Almost all washers have internal temp controls that keeps thehm between 105-125 degrees.

I've heard LG's do not work as well though.

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Thats interesting with the hot water. the Samsung I used did not get that hot either, and it hot water heater was close by and I even bled out the hot water line first...

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Gates..check the home hot water heater settings. It could be too low. Happened to us before. My WA456 manual states: Temp range for hot is 105 to 125, warm 85 to 105, cold 65 to 85.

Temp is controlled by the washer intermittently cycling the inlets from cold to hot till the temp is in the correct range.

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the hot water heater was set at 155 as I did this, since the washer did not add much hot water in it when it was set at 120 degrees. Even after the change, it kept adding cold water to the wash as instructed by the owneres manual. When I want a hot wash, I want straight hot water, not some thumbed down version of it.

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I hear what you are saying, but I think that is due to Gov. Guidelines on conserving energy. All manufacturers must comply with temp control on all new washers.

Unfortunately, you cannot fault LG or Samsung for that however LG could at least make the settings go to at least 120 degrees.

I do understand you though.

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I have the LG5101W.. It's 2 years old and I exchanged the slightly cheaper model without the sanitary or delicate cycle for it.. When I want more water because the clothes aren't covered with water I just hit pause and press the "Extra Rinse" button for 3 seconds and it fills with more water. I still have an issue with the complete lack of hot water.. the clothes clean up OK since our family is older with no kids but I had a comforter that only got the grease out with hot water.. the reason I am Posting is a RECALL notificaton from LG, the off balance problem needs to be fixed by calling LG to get a free service call.
The phone number is 855-400-4639. I only had this happen one time when I washed lightweight sheets with towels.. had to drain the water and hand wring out the whole load. Put the towels back and set it to rinse and spin and that fixed it but I'm still going to call for service.

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If you want true hot water in your Waveforce, set the temp to hot and turn off the cold water valve, it will fill up with straight hot water. I do it all the time

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Clothes washing right now on warm in the Samsung. Water temp checked by thermometer. A balmy 95.7 degrees.

Also, still aquajetting on each load. No overflow leaking and all loads have stayed in balance.

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Im glad your Samsung works good for you Greg, your warm wash is my hot wash in My Waveforce. Do you have an internal heater in yours?

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Hey Gates...

No internal heater in my unit. It's just straight water from the pipes.

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Thats what I thought when I looked on the Samsung site....I will be getting rid of my sheet shredder, Im sick of it destroying sheets

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