Storing detergent

snaupalJanuary 30, 2012

I am remodeling my laundry room, and removing the shelf that was behind the washer and dryer and replacing it with cabinets. It just occurred to me that I will be losing my shelf where I store the pourable liquid detergent that sits on its side and has a nozzle. I could put it in the cabinet, but I would have to take it out each time and it wouldn't be convenient.

If you don' t have an open shelf,where do you store this big jug to make it easy to dispense the detergent?

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I have a counter with a deep laundry sink across from the washer and dryer. I just have mine sitting on top of the counter in the corner with the spout over the sink when I use it.
I keep it in a vertical position unless I'm using it.
I really don't like those kind of containers and when it's gone I won't buy another.

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I have bought the giant Costco liquid detergent from time to time and I don't have a storage issue but hate the measuring cup set up. I transfer part of the detergent to an old detergent container and use it that way. If you don't have an empty detergent container I bet an empty soda or water bottle would work as well but you would need a measuring cup for dosing.

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I transfered the liquid detergent from the bulk container to an empty Method dishwashing soap pump. I counted the number of pumps to reach line 1, line 2, etc, of the cap. (Any pump dispenser will work. It's just a matter of determining how many pumps it takes for a small load, medium load, etc.)

I have Tide HE liquid in the bulk container, and it takes about 15 pumps from the Method bottle to reach line 1 of the clear Tide cap, 20 for line 2, 25 for line 3. I can then fine tune the dosage by one pump at a time depending on laundry load and soil level.

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Luckly we have a laundry closet in our washroom and store all detergents on the floor in there. Our problem is with Oxyclean. The boxes we get from Costco have a sealed plastic bag inside, but once you open the bag, the stuff begins to absorb moisture and clump badly. Have to stick my hand into it and grab lumps to break them. Not a pleasant expreience.
Sorry for the thread theft.

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Do you have room to put a small shelf under your cabinets?

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Hmmm...the small shelf like above could work. Thanks for the picture!

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Nerdyshopper--have bought the same Oxy but I like to divide it into gallon ziplock bags. Then easy to open and close and no clumps. JMO.

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I haven't had any problem with OxyClean clumping. I keep the inner plastic bag sealed tight with a clothespin, and keep a jug of detergent sitting on it to keep the box top tightly closed too.

When our weather is humid, some powder detergent does tend to clump (my laundry room has no heat or a/c, is between the kitchen and garage). When this happens, I use a dedicated paint stirrer stick to break it up. This does the trick in seconds.

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