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kmurpJune 4, 2011

We have just received a quote for two system alternatives for our upstate NY 2500 sq ft colonial. Both quotes are for a 3 ton 13 SEER AC unit ( the contractor quoted three ton as we were satisfied with that size old unit - his calculations suggested a 3.5 ton), and a two stage variable speed 95% efficient furnace. The quotes are for a 100,000btu (Trane) and 115000 btu (goodman). He said there is no 100k goodman hence the size difference.

Both systems are the same price! The warranty is better for the Goodman. I was thinking that service 10 years from now might be more widely available for Trane and that its a better brand for the same price. Does anyone have thoughts on this choice?

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Not a pro, but I'd question the sizing on both units. Living in NJ, near Philly, my 2500 SF 2 story (fairly decent construction and insulation) requires just under 60,000 BTUs heat and 3.5 tons of cooling per Manual J.

On the hottest and coldest days, do your units run (nearly) all of the time? If not, you will benefit ($) from smaller units, and be more comfortable.

What is your nearest city? Are you in a mountainous region?


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Near Albany, no mountains. House feels cold in the winter though.Built in 1960. No insulation in walls but all new windows. I don't think that the current furnace runs constantly, no. We are getting two more estimates so will see what they say on size.
I juts thought it was weird that the Trane was the same price as the Goodman.

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Well, I got the two other quotes and both were for 100000btu furnace and three ton AC. The first guy (who recommended a 3.5 ton AC) was the only one who did actual measurements. My wife said he spent quite a bit of time going through the house compared to the other two. Interestingly, his quote was the lowest as well.
We will go with him but the question is Trane or Goodman. The Goodman has a better warranty: identical price and class of equipment (SEER AFU etc.).

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Trane with 80K XV95 95% furnace and three ton AC condenser paired with best matching Trane evap coil. No third party coil. new lineset and a good two stg thermostat like HW Mdl 8321.

post all mdl numbers.

what size and efficiency is existing furnace?


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Existing furnace is 125,000. I was not given model numbers in the quote. Only that its variable speed 95% efficient two stage 100 k btu. Same for the AC; only 13 seer three ton. It says nothing specific about the coil

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