Which electric dryer do you all recommend

Janice63January 22, 2013

I need to replace my old Kenmore dryer soon and I am going nuts trying to decide which dryer to buy.

I have been doing research for months and have come to no conclusion except that I don't think I really want the steam feature. I could be wrong on this, so if you disagree, please tell me.

I have been looking at all brands except LG and Kenmore because I am probably going to buy at Lowe's. I read in Consumer Reports that Lowe's is going to start carrying LG in the first quarter of this year so that puts LG into the running.

I have been looking at the Electrolux 50 model which does not have steam but it doesn't have the allergen cycle which I would like.

It seems that to get more cycles I would have to have the steam feature as well.

Is there a dryer that has all the bells and whistles and doesn't have steam or would the solution be to buy for the features I want and just not bother hooking up the hose for steam at all?

I appreciate any advice you all can give me. I don't seem to be any closer to making a decision so your thoughts may help me to finally make up my mind.

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Whirlpool WED4900XW.

The design has remained virtually unchanged for four decades or more. Parts are readily available, but rarely needed, because the bugs got worked out years ago. Every repair person in the world can fix it in his or her sleep -- but you probably never will need more than a belt replacement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Also sold under other brand names, including Kenmore

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For the money, if you don't need bells and whistles that Whirlpool Dryer that herring maven suggests looks decent. The price in the mid 400 range is good too!

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