Best whole house air exchange system?

harbormomJune 15, 2011

Building new - want fresh air. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks :-)

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house will be tight enough to require a fresh air intake?
not an uncommon thing.
ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirement
would give you some guidelines

more info would be necessary from you other than
building new..want fresh air

what climate
what type of build
will tightness of house be tested upon
assuming the house will require fresh air is a mistake.
many homeowners believe that their homes are tight..blower door testing determines air changes per hour, anything else is just a guess/assumption.

best of luck.

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Wow, and here I thought all new houses were tight :-)
We are building about 2,700 sft with a masonry heater and heat pump and live in the Pac NW. I want lots of fresh air - no stale air plz.
I don't think they are requiring tightness testing, but I'm sure the house will be tight due to construction.
I think I'd rather have an exchanger that can filter the air, and we can wash or replace filters rather than opening windows and having all the molds and pollens fly in. We are building in the forest, so pretty damp, shaded and a lot of pollen.


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does any body have a recommedation on a good air exchange system

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hrv, erv, whole house dehumidfier with fresh air intake...
12x12" filter in a filter back grill installed on exterior, duct with barometric damper
to return air. clean air, measure it, then dehumidify
it before allowing it into house.

don't assume that a new construction house
requires fresh air. it takes lots of attention
to detail, caulking and sealing to achieve
less than .35 air changes per hour.
it doesn't just happen.

if you want to know if the house is tight
enough to require additional air, test with
blower door to know air changes per hour.

best of luck.

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