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joe_mnJune 17, 2011

build new house in MN. built with forced air gas HE furnace/central air unit. how much more would a heat pump unit cost. would cold MN temps require a specific type of heat pump system? i know its a hugely vague question. house size is not known. premium/cheap equipment may be used. some shops might charge 50% more than their competition. but as a rule, is there an accepted premium upcharge for a heatpump setup?

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there is no rule of thumb or accepted premium upcharge going from the AC condenser to the same mdl HP condenser.

However, while HVAC markets vary in pricing, I think $500 on low end to $750 on high end would be fair to both homeowner and dealer.

I will say this. On furnaces, it's clear that the market is moving toward full modulating furnaces on the high end. You should study carefully your nat gas and electric rates. I would definitely consider dropping the HP idea for the full modulating furnace. If two story, I would want two systems or at very least zoning controls.


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