Gerard Butler's Kitchen

laxsupermomJanuary 30, 2012

The March issue of Architectural Digest went into several celebrity kitchens. We've already taken a look at Diane Keaton's colorful kitchen, and I thought we could talk about Gerard Butler's kitchen.

I was really surprised to see how much the yahoo commenters loved this kitchen. I'd say 90% of the commenters gushed and drooled over it.

Here's my take on it. The stone backsplash looks really hard to keep clean. There's only 24" of space between the sink and cooktop and the dishwasher is there. The cooktop is directly next to the ovens which makes the right burners near useless. The angled wall that the oven stack is on almost guarantees freezer door dings. Outside of general layout issues, it's really dark and cave like.

What do you all think? Incidentally, my fave of the bunch was Ellen & Portia's light & bright painted kitchen. Here's a link to the yahoo article with insane commenters.

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For some reason I don't think Gerard Butler cooks very much. He probably is only in this home part those times someone fills the frig/freezer for him.It's atmospheric mostly, but it could be okay for cooking-mostly hanging out and grabbing things out of the frig-wine/fruit/cheese,etc. It is flawed, but when he sells the place, it will be gutted.

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I'm sorry, I wish I hadn't seen this. These kitchens look like too much money and not any soul (though I agree, Ellen/Portia looks like someone might actually live and cook there.) But Diane Keaton? I love her, but if she was going to quote Robert Frost, at least she could have done so correctly:

"Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
They have to take you in."

To say nothing of the fact that the source "The Death of the Hired Man" is not exactly a cheery piece, so to couple that quotation with that forcibly cheery kitchen is a horrible choice.

End of English major's rant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frost text

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This kitchen is truly amazing. In a time where every "new" kitchen looks identical, this one takes another path and gives us something that is unique and classy. Also you have to give him credit for using recycled materials as well, that really puts it over the top. This is a kitchen that I'd really like to cook in.

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Gerard Butler's kitchen is ugly. I am all for reclaimed materials but this shabby man chic looks forced to me.

Diane Keaton's is too noisy for me. I want a calmer look while still being fun.

I love Elton's kitchen and think it is a happy/silly look. Notice how easily one can change the decor and colors without gutting it....

Ellen & Portia's is very pretty and one I'd also love to have.

Sting's is cold and the edges are too harsh for my tastes.

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I think they are all okay, but Gerald Butler's. It seems really forced, so while it is certainly different than most of what you see, it is a different set of cliches assembled. There is something really faux about all the faux finish. Nouveau-riche-rustic-he-man trying too hard. I think the Tuscan Design Arounds were more successful than this, and we will see with the Rustic Modern #14.

Apparently Sting and Trudie Styler do white on white in most of their houses (?) There was a comment by another celebrity who bought one of their places that people had to wear sunglasses inside because the glare was blinding at certain times of day. (They redecorated)

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Ooooooh, his is so dark and dungeon-like. Not for me! His fridge looks nice and big, though, sigh...

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Are those shoes on the floor in front of the 'frig???

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It look like the appliances are all pushed over into one corner. Is that a range next to the dishwasher or a cooktop? If it is a range, then it looks like the doors are all going to interfere with each other with the dishwasher and range and the ovens and the fridge. Way too close, especially considering the angle in that corner. I actually think it has some really cool elements but think it would be frustrating to use. I really covet that bowl with the fruit. I want it!

Isn't it interesting what people choose to do when money isn't a big factor?

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Hideous. Is that marble way up high on the walls?

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Looks impossible to cook in. The chandelier paired with rustic detritus was new when Saturday Night Live did it with their stage set in the 1990s, not so much now. It also looks like it was assembled from HD components.

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That kitchen is gross.

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Not my taste at all, but thanks Laxsupermom for the visual of Gerard Butler bending over the counter and scrubbing the backsplash!

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Looks a little grimy to me.

Individually, I like a lot of the pieces and components. But you know how that is. It's all how they're put together.

That backsplash? Wouldn't wish it on someone I disliked.


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I wish my CSA delivered a bounty of fruit and veggies like those on his island. Other than that...meh! Too forced, too dark, too confused.

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Yes those are shoes in front of the frig. I'm sure they were put there by some stylist.

It was really hard to find another angle of this kitchen, but here's another view. Imagine prepping on the island so as not to be right over the dishwasher, scooping your veg and Guhhh right into the column.

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I absolutely agree with palimpsest. I certainly couldn't come up with that articulate analysis, but spot on. All of them look ok to me except Gerard Butler's. I'm not enamored with any of them, but Gerard Butler's kitchen really turns me off.

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Do you think he's a hat freak? Or did the decorator put those up?

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I like his kitchen. It's cool and different. I think the aesthetics were probably more important in the design than the functionality. I don't see him as the type of guy to be whipping up meals in there, lol.

The rugs really bother me in Portia and Ellen's kitchen. What are they hiding under there?

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It's just plain ugly. No redeeming features. Wonder how much money was thrown out the window for that mess. - actually the appliances look good and the chandelier might be nice. I feel bad for him.

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The island looks too far away to be of any use in prep, plus the column placement issue. Just for looks or maybe serving. Overall, it's too dark and dreary to me. Maybe the backsplash is OK because everything looks dirty already anyway. ;-) Just not my taste, but I don't live there.

I like Diane Keaton's peninsula tiles, and love that glass case over the island in Ellen and Portia's kitchen...Great storage, and still light. It's the only kitchen with a nice amount of windows and natural light shown in the photo, which really affects the feel. It's just designed to be warmer and homier in the first place. --But they need drawers in the island. ;-)

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I think those kitchens would all be more appealing in person, lose the flat paper picture sterility and gain such features as texture and age. For instance, that backsplash is old, worn stones (and I'm thinking not nearly as hard to keep clean as Ellen's cabinet over the stove, not that any of them do their own cleaning, of course). Diane Keaton's tile--I guarantee that's fun in person and takes its place in a large airy space far better than jumping out of the screen.

The ones that look relatively sterile and unloved probably are part of really effective architectural spaces. One hopes! I've appraised fine homes that just felt fantastic to move through even as there was very little to specifically look at. Since I'm a "things" person, I was always bemused at how wonderful empty spaces can be and how wrong "personality" finishes and personal treasures would be in them. Just the artistic use of light--ummm!!

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bad. very bad. and ugly.

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I actually love the island. The rest looks like a movie set.

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It's funny you say it looks like a movie set because a movie set designer designed it! :) I remember reading about it in Architectural Digest. I didn't like his kitchen at all, but I must admit that I drooled over the rest. I loved the ceiling and windows and thought it was pretty amazing how he transformed a nyc condo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gerard Butler's apartment

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Funny caption from catalogliving for Diane Keaton's kitchen. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Funny

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pal: well played. :)

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Too funny, pal!

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You know people who care about what is being said about them on the web use a google function that immediately links them to sites where they are mentioned. So maybe GB is reading our comments and feeling bad. So here is a note to him. Dear Gerard, Sorry your kitchen is generating so many negative responses. I hope your feelings are not hurt too badly. Why don't you post your kitchen with us and perhaps this board can help you make some pleasing changes.

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yes, gerard, please do post about your kitchen woes here....i'm sure most can come up with stimulating, yet soothing finishes...i know i would certainly be willing to try my hand at it


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LOL! Hilarious.

It must look kind of absurd in a NY loft??? Talk about keeping with the architecture....

That big glass box over Ellen's island is the thing that really astounds me. No way!

I'll take Keaton's kitchen, but paint out the quote.

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needed a warning for that post. I was eating lunch and choked laughing at your comparison. Spot on! This kitchen is dark, ugly and looks like a set, not a house. Certainly not a home.


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I love it! Not my colors or style, but I think it is attractive. The ceilings look like venetian plaster. I love the back splash and the floors. Not certain that I think the chandelier goes, but it does make a statement. Also, wonder why he stuck a column in there, instead of just sticking with the posts.
I also loved Dianne Keatons, although I would rather have Gerard's kitchen in my home. I thought Elton John's was ugly. The only thing I like about Sting's kitchenw as the wood flooring. I thought Ellen's kitchen had a nice island and wood flooring, but didn't appear to warm and inviting to me, maybe it was the white walls.

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Not fair to criticize the saying stenciled on Diane Keaton's wall. Ms. Keaton does not attribute it to Robert Frost. If someone is gonna criticize the kitchen, it should be for something else.

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Loved Elton's Kitchen. It at least had a decent layout for a small kitchen and you could work in it, even if you didn't like the look of it.

The ONLY way I'd like Gerard Butler's kitchen was if he was in it--preferably spread out on the island with an apple in his mouth.

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That is a seriously ugly kitchen - and what is that chandie doing in the cave? Tootsie Rolls and Licorice anyone?

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To GreenDesigns -

... with an apple in his mouth and that banana in his pocket?

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I like the color in Diane Keaton's kitchen! My husband wouldn't let me do a talavera backsplash, silly man. The dishes up over the cabinets are a problem though. I like the color element, but who the heck is going to climb up there and dust those buggers?!

As for Gerard Butler's kitchen, I'm sorry, but it looks like he brought the island in from a full life in the barn along with the posts/pillars. I can see old Bessie tied to one of those to be milked. The chandelier is an interesting touch, makes me think of the Adams Family.

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Looks like a dungeon. With his budget, why the awkward beam in the middle. And why is there a column, so different in style, a few feet away, echoing but "missing"?

The cleaning comment is a little silly. Anyone who travels and entertains as much as a celebrity will not be a heavy user of the kitchen. Plus yes, he has cleaning, as do many of us who post here do, I suppose. I think for a kitchen of this budget cleanability is like nowhere on the list.

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yikes. what a mess. that kitchen is definitely suffering from an identity crisis. old world faux meets sleek stainless meets (of course) the crystal chandelier.


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He was in Phantom of the Opera. Maybe that's why he loves the chandelier. Maybe it is on a pulley and he can pretend to have it crash down as he sings his big song.
"You alone can make my song take flight
Help me make the music of the night."
Chandelier crashes!

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lol sixty!

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Lcm_maine. Thank you so much for posting the Robert Frost poem. It was wonderful. I actually liked the retort to the quote in Diane Keaton's kitchen and think they should go hand in hand. How true it is!

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