Prepping space for stackable w/d

AndreaLJanuary 20, 2013

I am considering buying a stackable washer and dryer.

The current configuration is seen in the picture (not really to scale). The way it stands, you have to bend over the vanity to get to the top-load washer to get clothes in/out. The vent is behind the dryer (low) and the plumbing is to the left of the washer, right above the top of the washer.

I want to purchase a front load w/d and set it up so that it is where the current washer is, rotated to face the same way as the vanity and toilet. With where the 220 outlet and vent is, I think this may be a problem. Do these need to be moved?
Is it OK to run the water lines across the room and put the w/d where the current dryer is (on the right) facing the door? This isn't ideal because it'll block out a corner of the room, but not the end of the world.

Or are we just stuck having to pay for an electrician, plumber and mason (brick exterior)? Thanks!

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If you put the stacked washer and dryer next to the vanity then you will need to move the 220 outlet and the vent.
If you put the washer under the dryer in the current location you will need to move the water and the drain and you should move the vent up.
The first option is the best aesthetically IMHO and should be less expensive because the drain is what would be most costly where I live. If you can pull electrical from, perhaps unfinished basement below, you will be in a very good starting place, but even if not it is not a big deal. The vent is really not complicated any handy man worth his salt can install for you. Depending on if it is the front of the house and or covered my landscaping the old hole can just be insulated and covered with a flat metal panel rather than patching the brick.

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