Miele Tutorial Needed

covingtoncatJanuary 29, 2011

Hi all, I'm trying to learn how to get the most out of my new (to me) Miele 1213 Washer/1413 Dyer. This is a 2.5 cf, 220/240 volt combo.

I am looking for suggested cycle/temps for both. I have scoured the manuals, but would still like "real use" recommendations.

With the washer, I am noticing that (unlike my previous units) when the wash load is done, the clothes are still warm (or warmer) depending on the temp cycle even if I select cold. Are the rinses all done in warm water (unless you opt for no heat)? Even the "cold" water wash achieves 80-ish degree temps.

My biggest problem, however is with the dryer and WRINKLES! Normally I run mixed loads separated by colors (always) and fabric type (when required). When I did combo dark loads which included jeans, polos and hubs' dress shirts, all had wrinkles when done. I tried a lower heat setting first time, and clothes were still damp and wrinkled. I selected more heat and clothes were dry at the end of the cycle but the wrinkles were still there and the collars and button front shirts were all kinked. I have not ever had this problem before even if I "baked" my laundry on the highest temps. I am used to timed cycles (my previous had a moisture sensor,too, but I didn't use it), with an auto cool down during the last 10 mins.

Any examples or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to learning to use this machine properly.

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Hi covingtoncat, as you know, I don't (yet) own a Miele but my few suggestions would be:

1. warm rinses cause more wrinkles than cold rinses
2. have you tried lowering your spin speed on the washer? i assume they are coming out of the washer wrinkled?
3. don't overfill your dryer - things need room to tumble to be wrinkle free (or wrinkle "less")

Good luck! I sure hope this isn't souring your experience with your new machines.

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You washer has a "wrinkle free" option. I notice the default spin speed is medium. Have you tried this just to see what happens with wrinkles?

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Covingtoncat, it's not normal to have warm clothes at the end of the cycle. When I run even a sani load, I check for fun the temperature of the window, I can't even hold my hand for two seconds as it's so hot. You can actually feel heat radiating from the glass. But afterwards during the rinses it cools down.

I think your installer mixed up the hoses, another member here seemed to have the same issue!

Check to see if it's the case and switch them around @ the faucets.

I haven't done shirts yet but haven't had serious issues with wrinkles.

I'm still in the learning curve as you are, even more so as it's my first FL. Like someone posted in another thread, detergent should be added according to the load in the machine. The machine seems to sense when the laudry is very absorbant and will add water accordingly.

As for the dryer, I usually go with the regular program and normal dryness (don't know if it makes sense?). I still have some experementing to do.


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Hi Guys! Livebetter, what happened at the appliance show? Did your dealer have any news for you? I am looking forward to hearing what you find out.

I know there is a learning curve with any new appliance, so I am not going to let this spoil my fun and pleasure with these machines. Miele is a great product with many happy users, and I plan to be one of them.

I can't figure out how to get the machine to do a cool water rinse, but I don't think the hot and cold are reversed. I checked and I think it is correct. I will do a wash with a pre-treat or soak to verify soon (these always start with cold, correct?). I have done some loads where I reduced the spin, but it seems that it should work well at whatever spin is already programmed for the cycle I select.

I am not overloading the dryer. It must have something to do with the warm water rinse and fabric type. I was somewhat successful in reducing wrinkles when I did a fluff cycle after the initial one, but again, it shouldn't be necessary.

It must be operator error.

The 3 Tbs of Persil produced almost no noticeable sudsing, but the vaksa suds were huge! I used 50 ml, and even tho I added and extra rinse, there were still suds. Bummer! I'm going to have to figure that one out, too. Maybe not enough clothing (it was a smaller load).

I will try the wrinkle free option too, and see what happens.

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When I did combo dark loads which included jeans, polos and hubs' dress shirts, all had wrinkles when done.You're saying that you wash jeans (heavy cotton/denim), polos (knit pullovers?), and dress shirts (Oxford-type button-down cotton or cotton/synthetic blends?) all together? Considering the range of fabric weight and characteristics of the various items involved, it's not surprising you have trouble with drying. I *never* run jeans with other items ... surely not with knits, the heavy fasteners & zippers & rivets are too much potential for abrasion on the more delicate items. Dress shirts sometimes with sheets for being similar fabric weight.

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Hi Dadoes! Thanks for chiming in. Yes, in the past with my Kenmore HE3 I ran dark loads of these combined, with no problems what-so-ever with wrinkles coming out of washer or dryer. Rinses were always cold water, tho.

I will try separating jeans by themselves and see if that helps. Dress shirts are usually Nordstom brand Smart Care (wrinkle resistant), or Eddie Bauer's version of the same. One hundred percent cotton dress shirts usually go to the cleaners because I loathe ironing, but the super high heat temps of their irons are hard on fabric (especially collars and buttons). I was hoping the Miele's would allow home laundering of these without the need to iron. I will also try washing the shirts on their own or with knitted polos.

All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

As an aside, I am mid-way through a wash of towels that I am ran with the heavy soil option for a pre-treated cool cycle before the main wash. The glass remained cool to the touch until it moved on to the main wash cycle. So I do not think the hoses have been reversed. The hot hose is hooked up to the left faucet and the cold to the right. Pretty standard, BUT with my house of wacky-ness, you just never know.

I will try a no heat wash to try and further confirm.

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For the washer:
At the end of the cycle clothes, towels or whatever are definitely warm or warmer. telling me that rinses are NOT in no heat water. It is possible that they are rinsed in the Miele version of cold (which is not the same as cold from the tap)? This time of year cold from my tap is pretty darn cold. Is this standard? The HE3 used cold water rinses unless specifically selected.

I also did a load of towels where I engaged the soak feature. The detergent was dispensed during the soak, not during the main wash. Again, is that standard? Am I supposed to monitor the cycle and put detergent in AFTER the soak has started (before main wash engages)? The previous load I also tried the Heavily Soiled option. It worked correctly, dispensing detergent from the small section first and then the large compartment for the main wash.

My next experiment will be with a NO HEAT wash to see if the rinse is also No Heat. Is there a way to program it to rinse in only cold/no heat water?

For the dryer:
My load of Hubs' socks, undershirts and underwear came out without wrinkles, ditto the towels. Thus far the problem is most notable with mixed loads. I am going to pay more attention to weight of items next time as dadoes suggested.

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Update: As I posted on another thread, the hot and cold hoses were reversed in the back of the machine. I could not confirm this until I ran a NO HEAT wash and the fill water was definitely very warm/hot to the touch. Obviously an error, but it felt like the water coming from the tap/hookup was correct. When I moved the units out to look at the back and compare to the schematic in the owners manual, it was easy to determine that the hoses were in reverse position.

Once I corrected that, I was able to have a cold fill and rinse! Wrinkling has been substantially reduced, nearly eliminated. Thus far, very acceptable. The true test will come when I have enough to do a work shirt load or jeans.

I think the worst problem was that all rinses were with hot tap water and I should try the jeans on their own or with sturdier laundry items.

Still would enjoy any recommendations you all have as to how to reach the fullest potential with these units. I look forward to reading your laundry "recipes."

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Also, pull up a chair and watch the dryer (or listen in your case) to make sure the drum is reversing. Wrinkling and laundry "balling" up is mainly caused by dryers that only turn in one direction. Miele dryers reverse tumble from start to finish. Make sure yours is reversing.

And as others told you, your model is small (for American and Canadian standards) so do NOT overload. The washer can hold more, since the clothes will be wet and compacted down. The dryer fluffs and clothes expand to original size. Consider washing smaller, more frequent loads or drying 1/2 of the washed load at a time. I know not convenient...but better than wrinkled items. Good Luck. I had a "standard" sized Miele for years & loved it!!

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Hi Larsi,

LOL, confession time: I have done just that, sat and watch/listened to both the wash and dry to make sure that all is well in that regard. My kitty enjoys it, too!

I did a couple of small loads for DD1 yesterday, and the wrinkle situation was very much improved. Most items were cottons or blends (underthings, t's, exercise wear, hoodie sweats, etc). I still haven't gotten the dryness correct, things are still damp at the seams, which is fine for things to be hung, but these were folded, so .....

Thank you for your suggestions.

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I'm assuming you are out of warranty. If you do not mind paying for a Miele Service Call, a Miele Tech can change the "dryness tolerances" for the Normal Drying Program. The Normal will make loads come out dry, once Miele adjusts the moisture levels. At the same time, have them activate the Extended cool down/Extended reverse tumble cool down. When the cycle is over, the drum will reverse a lot with only cool air for about an extra 10 minutes. This makes clothes and sheets amazingly fluffy and wrinkle free. With ALL my Miele dryers, the Normal Program left laundry a tad too moist for my liking, but Extra Dry baked things to a crisp. Now with my Normal set to less moist & the Extended Cool Down activated...everything comes out flawless. For 99% of all my laundry I use Normal and the Gentle option (Gentle option allows for the heat to gradually increase, to protect fabrics).

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Thanks Larsi. Yep, I'm out of warranty, but those sound like good options to consider. Between purchase and installation I'm in the hole for awhile, but I will definitely put those on my "to do" list for the future.

I know with the washer there are instructions on-line to modify settings. Anyone know if the same is true for the dryer? Off to investigate .....

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