Washers and Dryers for 30 1/2" deep closet?

harrieddadJanuary 28, 2014

I need to install a clothes washer and electric dryer side by side in a closet that is only 30 1/2 inches deep. I need to vent the dryer to the left side. My wife wants a top loader. It does not have to be fancy because it is just going in our beach condo so it needs to be able to handle beach towels that will inevitably have some sand in them. Can you please tell me any models that will fit in this closet, including any hoses or required clearances? I want the quietest models available. I have seen some GE models that are 25 1/2 inches deep but they have had mixed reviews. Thank you very much. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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Speed Queen is pretty shallow, but the hoses point straight back near the rear so it requires more depth. Maybe look for brands that the inlet hoses point down under the top panel. Not sure if any are out there like that or not anymore.

Quietest are foreign front loaders, and I personally believe front loaders deal with sand best, keeping grit way from the radial lip seals.

Good luck.


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Out of curiosity, I just measured depth of my Speed Queen 542. It is 28". My own "closet" is deeper than OP's but on-principal I've always used goose-neck connectors to my machines which minimizes hose-flex at the connection points. Additional depth to accommodate the hoses, then, is less than that required for the much larger drain-hose on the machine. I'd have to measure carefully, but I strongly suspect total additional-depth requirement of OP would work.

The dryer's vent-depth allowance would be more troublesome, I would think.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of

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We have a shallow w/d closet as well. We have the Whirlpool 5300 top loader and (for bi-fold door clearance) the Maytag Centennial dryer with a drop down front door. We thought we would need to pay extra to have the dryer itself side vented, but instead we located the outside vent connection to the side of the machine and used a ductwork extender in the back of the machine. I hope that makes sense. Here is a link to the extender.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vent extender

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