7 day cooked Quinoa safe to eat?

melissaki5April 4, 2014

I made a chili last friday and one of the ingredients was cooked quinoa. I was thinking of doubling the recipe so I doubled the quinoa and then of course it was too much so I had some leftover and planned to make a quinoa tabouli (sp?) later this week. Well it was a very bad week and I never had time to do so and the quinoa is still sitting in my fridge. Is it safe to eat? I did a search and am getting different answers.

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Well, I would . . . As long as it doesn't smell or taste off, if it is pasty that's a bad sign.

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It depends on how cold is you refrigerator, how much salt you used, and what else is in it.

If it is just quinoa, what is the worst thing it can turn into, wine?


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Personally, I would toss it, but would consider it borderline safe if:

-The refrigerator temperature has been colder than 39-degrees F.

-Not a lot of opening and closing the refrigerator (which raises the temperature each time).

-It doesn't smell sweet(ish) or fermented, or has mold growing on it,

-It hasn't been in-and-out of the refrigerator - moving from a safe cold temperature to room temperature several times during the week. As an example, families who take milk out of the refrigerator and let it sit for a prolonged time at room temperature before placing it back in the refrigerator may find their milk sours faster than someone who uses what they need and immediately places it back in the refrigerator and maintains the colder than 40-degrees F food safe temperature. The longer it sits at an unsafe room temperature, the faster bacteria grows.

-I would also suggest it be thoroughly cooked if you decide to use it, and not used for a cold salad type dish.

There are so many spelling variations for "tabouli", they all look misspelled to me no matter which one I use ;-).

Tabbouli, Tabbouleh, Taboula, Tabouleh, Tabouli, Tabboulé or Taboulé (and probably others)


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There's only one spelling, so far as I know, it's just not in our alphabet: êèÃÂÃÂéâ t


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Thanks for the replies I decided to toss it because I again did not have time to use it today and figure I'd rather not risk getting myself or Dh sick to save a dollar in quinoa. Dh's father past away last Friday night and it was quite a rough week. Today we had to meet the priest at the grave site for a prayer and ritual of eating koliva (wheat berries mixed with raisins walnuts and parsley) and tossing some of it on the grave.

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Condolences to you both.

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I'm sorry to hear about your FIL.

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Sorry about your stressful week and loss.
I'm glad you tossed it. Sometimes emotional stresses can weaken your defenses and leave an opening for digestive turmoil. A normal healthy week and all might pass fine but i have a 3 day limit, DH will take that to 4days. My pups have no limit.
I treat any cooked grains just like any other leftovers. Cool quickly and into the fridge. Freeze what i don't think i will be used within a couple days. After 24hrs i like to bring any leftover back up to a hot temp before using.

A forum exists somewhere for chefs and caterers that help each other through some trying recipes dealing with large quantity. Pretty interesting and difficult getting all the elements prepped and safely. One company does prepared meals for the elderly and has in-house testing. They have witnessed a change in cooked grain after 36hrs even quickly cooled and kept very cold. So they limit the use to 24hrs for safety reasons.

Our systems are designed to easily deal with day to day toxins/bugs/environmental crud.
Best to not intentionally add more stress to that process.

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