TL LG Waveforce - Rough on Clothes?

stljrsJanuary 18, 2011

Waveforce owners - Consumer Reports has this among its high rated top loaders, however it gets a full black mark on gentleness. One person in Best Buy's reviews commented that they thought it was a bit harsh also. I'm concerned it will cause premature wear. Anyone that has one seen anything to give them pause or notice wear, pilling etc? The impeller that apparently expands/opens when the washer is started doesn't exactly look gentle as evidenced by the photo. Comments would be greatly appreciated. It otherwise looks to be superior to any other toploader out there. The BB review is under 5001, not the 5101 if anyone is interested in reading that person's rather detailed analysis. Many thanks from a potential Waveforce customer.

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I have the wave force washer 5101, the main difference between the two is some extra cycles, and internal heater. I too read consumer reports review and the owners review on it and I can honestly say that it is not rough at all on clothes. You can read my full review on it Under :my new LG waveforce washer" on here. I dont understand what you mean by the impeller expands/opens when the washer is started. All it does is rotate back and forth, no expanding of any kind. CR only test the normal cycle on the washer on this washer, which uses the least amount of energy on the washers, but it is not for all garments.

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I've looked at these in the store. I didn't ever see this type of impeller. It looked like it had essentially no impeller or agitator. When the washer is off and not running you don't see this do you? Doesn't it open up when you start the cycle and then close back down when finished. If not, I'm confused what I am seeing here versus what I saw in the store. Thank you.

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I've looked at these LG units and similar GE machines a few times in stores, and always see the impeller. It's a unitary piece of stamped metal mounted to the motor shaft that also drives the basket for spin. Curious what you saw that leads you to believe it could open/close or somehow retract. Maybe there's a new design that I haven't yet seen.

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I have to go back to BB and look at this again. Either way, that doesn't exactly look like it would be exactly gentle. Almost menacing if a washer could be menacing.

If I recall correctly, the Whirlpool and Maytag have plastic impellers as have other high efficiency TL's. The LG seemed to be the first all stainless with this design. I can't speak to the all new GE models which I haven't yet seen.

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I can tell you that the impeller in question is the only one on the LG waveforce washers. I own this washer so I know. I can vouch that is it gentle too. Ther are no rough edges or places for items to snag on it. The washer has many wash motion during each cycle and it varies according to what cycle is used. I recently washed my kitchen curtain which I will say are CHEAP! I got them from lowes 7 years ago for 15 bucks so quality is not a factor here in them. I washed them on the gentle cycle and the came out clean, with no lose strings, or seams undone. I washed three sets at the same time. I think you are making more out of this than what is really there guys. I am picky about how my laundry is done, in both cleaning and gentleness and the LG has not yet let me down

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I had the GE Harmony version of this machine and after about 2 months of usage, I noticed considerable wear and tear on clothing. Mostly frayed towels and the occassional button pulled off a shirt.

Being that this is an updated LG machine which appears to use more water from the videos I have seen, I would hope that clothing would stand a better chance of survival in this machine.


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mrb627' your correct about the harmony by GE. it was made by Lg and the wave force is an improved model over the harmony. as of yet, I hacve not experienced andlothing damage, when when I was items that have zippers in them and I forget to zip them up as stated in my owners manual.

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That picture creates an illusion of depth that doesn't exist in person :). At least this is an all new design. Heck the $2K Whirlpool Vantage uses the same plastic wash basket design as the 7600 and higher line Maytag Bravos. And except for a couple that apparently failed early on in service, the LG model gets universally good user reviews at BB, Sears, and CR, unlike every other HE TL which have substantial complaints. Still haven't decided. Our old TL still works but it's loud and getting louder. Wish there was more data on their longevity. And we're still considering a FL.

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I can Vouch for the depth of the LG washer. Clothes get lost in it compared to my old Fl that was 3.7cuft. Currently yes it is the highest rated HE TL out there by owner reviews. It also uses the most water of any HE TL, plus you have the added option of adding more water if needed which is something a lot of people like and want.

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I just bought this washer w/sanitize option and I'm on the fence. I used the "heavy duty" cycle for some old towels and jeans and it basically shredded the towels. Then I read the manual and realized I wasn't suppose to use that particular cycle. I like that I can add more water, but am not sure it's actually cleaning the clothes properly. I did a Delicate wash with some shirts and bra's and the deodorant was still on my bra's when the wash was done. I had to hand wash them in the sink with a little tide and it came right out. So, not so sure if it can't get a small amount of deodorant out that my other clothes are being cleaned well. Also, tried to wash a king sized comforter and I watched it through the lid the entire wash cycle and it never agitated the comforter around. The same gray seam stayed in the same spot without moving, even though I kept opening the lid and tried to push it down and move it around, it didn't help. Then I tried a full sized comforter and had the same problem. I ended up having to go to the laudromat. Also, on the hot wash, the hot is not hot, it is warm. I bought this specific washer for the "sanitize cycle" only to get home and find out that it's 3 hours long and is for loads less than 8lbs. Pretty disappointed so far. :-(

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I do my king size blankets on the bulky cycle, and I do them seperately. Ive had no issues with them not moving around or not getting cleaned. Maybe your conforter is too big for the washer. I have on the is that way also. Towels should be washed on the towels cycle, not heavy duty, plus I dont wash towels and jeans together...they throw too much lint for that in any washer. The hot wash is not what I am used to for a hot wash either, so I work around it. I either use bright whites, so the heater will heat the water, or I use the towels cycle as it does not seem to add cold water to the tub as it fill with hot water. If yo want to get real slick, just turn off your cold water valve as it fills with hot water. Even with the thumbs down temperatures, I havent noticed any decrease in cleaning performance with this washer and I came from a FL that used the heater in the warm and hot cycles...all of them

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I have a 6yr. old Harmony (no heater) and I love it!
I wash Cal King comforters/blankets with no problems.
I separate my wash, but never had anything ruined.
Hope this helps!

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