Very thin cut bottom round: uses and kind of heat?

linnea56April 7, 2014

I asked my husband to pick up thin cut beef of stir frying or fajitas. He came home with thin cut bottom round. From what I can tell, this will be too tough for either one of what I wanted it for. Or am I wrong? It's supposed to need braising.

I am thinking of cutting it into strips and using the pressure cooker, then making a gravy with it. Like my Mom's simmered steak, though I don't know what other people call it. Does this cut lend itself to pressure cooking? Thanks!

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Another way to use that cut is to stuff it, roll it up, and tie in a couple places with kitchen twine or plain dental floss. Then you can brown the rolls, add liquid to come up about halfway, cover and simmer until tender, turning the rolls over once or twice. You can thicken the cooking liquid and use it as a gravy.

Stuffing ideas are endless. The last ones I made, I spread the meat with fig jam and covered with fresh spinach leaves.

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I have a pair of OXO kitchen and herb shears that will cut a thin cut of raw meat like this into the small pieces you want. I find this pair of kitchen shears invaluable in the kitchen. We don't always need to cut with a knife, and the shears does a better job on slippery meat, like chicken, or when removing the skin from chicken. The shears come apart so you can easily clean them after each use.

Partially-frozen meat also cuts more easily if using a sharp knife.


Here is a link that might be useful: OXO Kitchen and Herb Shears

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I use flank for fajitas and tacos but don't see why it would not work. I slice it partially frozen for easy super thin slices. Skirt is what i used recently and was very good but did need more than my usual 1-2 hour marinade. Skirt has more flavor but can be tough and chewy if not careful.
Roulades, rouladen, or brachiole all great uses for that cut as mentioned.

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