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kon45January 11, 2011

Been using the Tide with bleach original scent powder, I believe non=HE since my last batch of Charlie's was brick hard and didn't seem to clean my whites or remove the odors from our clothes. My question is does anyone notice it not rinsing off the door glass? I have a 3 year old Samsung front loader, which seems to work fine for me. Ive tried other soaps suggested here like all the Sears and while they seem to work, not as well as the Tide. Just wondering what suggestions Tide users have and what they like/prefer HE, non-HE, powder/liquid? Has anyone used the non-HE Tide original powder for colors? I try and vary my detergents and use vinegar once in a while especially with towels and sheets. I leave door open, wipe it all down, and don't have any smelly washer issues. Just am having trouble deciding what detergent to use.

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Please do not use a non-HE product in your front loader. You are asking for trouble. Why are you using non-HE? Do a search on Gardenweb and you will find a lot of information on why you should not use non-HE detergents.

I'm sorry your CS bricked, but that's a problem with CS - not HE detergents.

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A little while back, someone on here said that the tide with bleach powder (non HE). Had a suds suppresser in it and used it. i tried it in my FL and it worried great, I loved the clean scent too. it also works well in my HE TL LG. i am trying to get away from liquid detergent.

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A little while back, someone on here said that the tide with bleach powder (non HE). Had a suds suppresser in it and used it. i tried it in my FL and it worried great, I loved the clean scent too. it also works well in my HE TL LG. i am trying to get away from liquid detergent.

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That was me! Tide Powder with Bleach does have a suds inhibitor! I love the way it smells and cleans, but it left the stainless in my Miele washer dull and murky :(

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i wonder if that has to do with your water chemistry. i have rock hard water and it doesn't seem to leave any residue on my drum, not on my old fl or the Lg. I wish more HE detergent was available in powdered form. it seems like they smell better than the liquid version of the same scent

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Thanks for the responses. Yes, I was trying the non=He Tide with bleach powder because of a recommendation here. I was a tide user before the front loader. When I got my FL a few years back I gave CHarlie's a try. USed it for 2 1/2 years until I started getting brick hard powder and they said the formula had changed. I also noticed my whites turning gray. I started trying dif detergents. Sears is okay, but Im not sure its any better. I like the Tide but it does leave powder on the glass door, only because when it first spills out it sprays on the glass door some and that never gets hit by water or any falling clothes so never rinses off. I have softened city water, and never had a problem with laundry before the FL experience. Its not that I don't like it, its a learning curve for sure, and 3 years into Im still trying to find the right combination at the right price. Just wondering what others using Tide are experiencing. I don't like the Tide HE, smells to high Heaven. Leary of using liquids. Don't use FS. Sometimes I use vinegar rinse.

Has anyone tried the original scent Tide without bleach and would it be okay for the FL? Maybe I will try Gain. I just hate getting stuck with a whole box of the stuff if I end up not liking it.

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Non HE tide or Gain will suds big time in your washer, been there done that before. since you have soft water, that will only matter worse

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Kon45-Why not try adding your detergent to the wash tub, then add the clothes and start the washer. This way it will not be dispensed on the glass. It's worth a try.

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Sparky's suggestion about adding it to the drum is a great one. I've also added a little water to the dispenser (like 1/2 cup) after putting in detergent to aid dissolution. Tide's my second favorite and both solutions have worked in my case.

Gates, yes! I prefer powdered detergent too!! It's old skool but I have dosage issues with liquids. :\

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Thanks again everyone for your responses. I hardly ever get any suds at all it seems, with any detergent. Tide is the only one that I can even see a bubble in, but I wouldn't even call them suds, just a few bubbles. My samsung uses so little water I don't see how it could suds up. When I open the door the clothes are definitely saturated and there is just a "puddle" of water on the bottom. I have tried dumping the soap directly into the drum first, but it then rotates before any water is added and Im wondering if this will make it harder for the Tide to desolve if its scattered throughout the clothes? I have also tried dissolving it first before putting it in the detergent cup, but that is just extra time, so I didn't like that, not to mention the mess.

I will just keep on testing things out until I see a significant difference. Thanks again everyone.

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When I had a non-HE washer, I absolutely loved Tide with bleach original scent powder. I used it on all my whites, and they came out beautifully every time. When I washed my guys' stained, muddy socks and t-shirts, I also used some (not much) chlorine bleach in the wash, and soaked them before washing.

I used Tide HE liquid w/bleach and it was okay, but not nearly as effective as the original powder w/bleach. Its scent is 'okay', but I much prefer that of the original powder w/bleach.

Now that I have an HE washer with an internal water heater (Maytag Bravos), I've been using the Tide HE liquid w/bleach PLUS OxyClean, using the internal water heater. This makes a BIG difference. I still have to soak the stained, muddy socks and t-shirts, but that's not a problem.

I do wish P&G would come out with a Tide HE powder w/bleach, mainly because I would prefer using a powder, also because I love the non-HE scent. I have e-mailed them about it, but haven't received a reply.

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I have a Samsung too (model 337 I think). Mine has a deep plastic cover on the door and no interior glass. I too read the thread that said Regular Tide with bleach cleaned better than any soap that was tried and it could be used in a front loader. When my liquid Gain HE was getting low I got a small box to try out. I have done only 3 loads so far, but haven't seen even a bubble, let alone suds. My machine has no excess water so the clothes seem to just get wet with nothing to swish in front of the door. I checked again today with a sanitize cycle for white clothes. I filled the Tide cup to the lowest mark and divided it 1/3-2/3 between the prewash dispenser and the regular solid soap dispenser. In the middle of a wash cycle that lasted about an hour with very hot water there were no suds. I always run a quick cycle with no soap to remove the residue that remains after the two regular rinses that I use. No suds anywhere.

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I've been using the HE Tide Free liquid. It's ok. prefer HE Tide with bleach but needs to be Orignial or mountain spring. I switched to it after I couldn't find regular scent HE tide. We are a family with contact allergy issues. Daughter allergic to Cheer, son-Gain, me-clean breeze tide. Haven't tried the ones with fabreeze and such, though I want too. Makes me leary of switching when I find one no one is allergic too. I don't know how many things of detergent I've given away because somebody breakds out in a rash. The crazy thing-FS doesn't seem to matter. or nobodys allergic to the two that I bounce between.

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You can't help but wonder why Regular Tide with bleach was not labeled as an HE product then?

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I bet the film on the door is from it being a regular detergent. I agree with all here who suggested only using a detergent market HE. Why spend so much money on an HE machine only to break it faster with a non HE detergent.

You can get rid of the film by doing an empty wash with hot water with 0ne to two full cups of white distilled vinegar. It may take several attempts as I am sure there is probably a lot of regular detergent residue in your drum.

Please go out and buy some HE labeled detergent. Your machine will like you more. :D

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Its not a film, as in appearing over time, its just that when it dumps into the machine the powders splatters right on the glass door and never all quite rinses off as no water ever reaches the door, just cleans off as a few items go by, hence never completely rinsing off the door. And I was only trying the non-HE tide powder orig scent with bleach as someone here recommended it and I used to love Tide with bleach. it always cleaned my kids dirty clothes well and they never still smelled like their deodorants and perfume when they came out of the dryer, so I was giving it a try. Im going to try the liquid now as I have never noticed even the slightest hint of mold or mildew smell from my washer in now the 3 years I have had it. My sister has one of the old neptune FL, uses liquid Tide regular and Downy and she doesn't have a problem either. Interesting how different things happen to different people. Thanks for all your responses.

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We have been using NON HE Tide w bleach for about a week now with no problems. I was really unhappy with my expensive ($1500) HE machine until I found this and my method of running the machine on Heavy Soil settings and then running an extra quick wash with no soap to really get the soap out. It's doing a decent job right now and if it lasts then I have the best of luck. It spins on extra fast so the dryer uses less energy to dry the clothes and the amount of hot water I use is still less than the old top loader.

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I've had my Samsung 330 FL for just under a month. I read the postings on how much detergent to use, etc. We have a water softener, so I started out with powdered Tide regular, just 1 Tablespoon (I tried 2 T in one load and had LOTS of suds). Everything came out really stiff. I tried putting various items in plain water and the water always clouded up - soap? I reran loads with no detergent and a 1/2 c vinegar. A little better, but still stiff. So I swtiched to Vaska for sheets and towels and Sears powdered detergent for everything else. I am much happier. I'll have to see if I can donate my box of Tide since I won't be using it again.

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I have used the Arm and Hammer non HE liquid soap with no problems on our WP Duet F/L washer for over a year. Once every six months I run Borax powder soap on hot with a load of whites to clean out the machine. I did catch Tide powder HE soap on sale at Target and tried it. My wife likes the smell so she wants that soap from now on. The "fear factor" of using non-he soaps on f/l machines seems over blown. There is a small trap on the f/l machine that everyone should clean out once a year regardless of the type of soap you use. I love Tide, but if I can't get it on sale, I'll use Arm and Hammer.

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