Which Cabs Glass, if any?

tuxedord2January 24, 2014

As some of you know, I am attempting a facelift only as we will be moving in less than 18 months. However, I am considering this a practice kitchen so I'm still trying to do things I like, while still appealing to a seller.

Our cabs were white but are being professionally refurbished by a reputable cabinet company. They are going to be painted BM Simply White to match my trim. Our kitchen walls are primed now - not painted yet.
And the appliances you see will be swapped out for SS (on the advice of realtors and gardenweb members). Our counters will be replaced as well.

I like the look of some glass cabinets - though not all-- just accent. I thought about asking our cabinet guys to swap out a few for glass just for fun. But now I think that might look weird to do just a few. I don't have a corner or separate section that could be highlighed.

Would you do any glass? If so, which cabs? Cost is not an issue, it's the same cost to do glass vs. paint. I checked.

Attached pictures-- ignore the awful lighting. Need to work on light bulbs but in general our kitchen gets very little natural light.

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Since you've said your kitchen gets very little natural light, I wonder if your decision might take in to account which cabs could more easily be retrofitted with a touch of in-cabinet lighting. IMO, glass door cab accents look fabulous in most kitchens, but I think they really only look their best with interior lights. If you could manage it, those three cabs directly over that lower (bench?) area might look great. Or the two L and R of the cooktop.

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I love glass cabinets, the more, the better, and actually prefer without interior lights.
What are the three shorter cabinets for on the right, i.e. what goes below them?
I would think in therms of function, that is, where would you store things that look pretty enough to be visible, mainly glasses and pretty dishes, but not spices and food.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchens with glass cabinets

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Thanks for the feedback. I should have explained the three shorter cabinets. They are over an open shelf that used to house a few cookbooks and wicker baskets. There was a funky built in desk type thing under there with a counter on top but i had them rip that out as it was ugly and falling apart. They are building additional cabinetry to meet the rest of the cabinetry. So underneath will be a continuation of the lower cabs and counter.

My first thought was to do those three smaller cabs which mainly house useless glassware vases and such - but could be converted to house anything pretty. Wasn't sure if it would look right to do just those three? I would like to do the ones on each side of the cooktop but doubt the new homeowners would appreciate that since it needs to house cooking supplies/spices. On the other hand I could do seeded type glass...

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I would go with above the range and above the ovens. Those stick out to me and it would break up the long line of cabinets on that one wall.

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You can do accent glass doors if you want, no rules say they all have to be glass. I like glass as an accent better myself, its just a matter of preference. . If you have little natural light, that is something I would address. Under cabinet lighting would be a big help, and it doesn't have to cost a lot, I've seen some inexpensive ones at HD and Lowes. If you do go with glass doors, I think lighting in there looks nice too.IMO a buyer likes to see a kitchen with a lot of light, it just makes it seem cheerier and warm. Remember with glass, those cabinet interiors better be picture perfect! So, if like me, you have a lot of tupperware in there, best to keep that behind solid doors, and put the nice dishes behind the glass.

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I'm having difficulty understanding your kitchen layout. Can you post more pics from far? I also think the more glass cabs the better, and in smaller kitchens help to open up space. Also prefer no lights inglass cabs and remember, lighting only shines all the way down when your shelves are glass too. And I prefer wood shelves as putting dishes in glass is more difficult.

Based On what I can see - your kitchen seems to have no exterior windows. I'd do all glass cabs in your first pic as it opens to a pass through in another room so you want that view to be pretty. Or do the two outermost cabs in glass. In your second pic id pick a few to highlight with glass...the rightmost Ones definitely seem like the best choice. I'd also do French door style glass rather than totally clear, as they are more orgiving in terms if masking what's in them.

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I guess if you do lights in each shelf you could do lighting with wood shelves. It would give a glowy look. I think it looks like a showroom but my husband always wanted in cabinet lighting - if you know my kitchen you'll see I won that battle!

Ok so definitely do glass cabs for the two on either side of your cooktop. And glass for the uppers above that ledge would look great too. You need more lighting in your kitchen as well, maybe a nice pendant.

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candidates to me would be as follows:

- cabinets on each side of cooktop, but may not be a good choice due to what you want to store.
- The three above the shelf
- The two next to the oven if you keep the three above the shelf solid
- all the ones above where the portable microwave is

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Thank you to all! I think I will definitely do the three smaller ones to start and the two side ones near the cooktop most likely. The more I look at things, the glass will really help lighten up the space. I do not want glass shelves, just glass doors. Not sure how I feel about cabinet lighting - it looks pretty in pictures but in real life might not fit the style of this house...

Will have to think more about the others. It's so hard to picture right now since I have no cabinet doors at all! Ideally, I think I'd like them all glass but not sure how a potential buyer would feel about that.

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I would go with all glass on the fridge wall except for over the fridge. And no glass on the cook top wall.

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I wouldn't do the ones around the cook top. I'd want to adjust those shelves for tall bottles and containers. I think the shelves should be placed at the same level, so too much glass limits storage options.

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