LG/Kenmore Elite 5.2 washer & 9.0 Dryer

larsi_gwJanuary 20, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!!
Does anyone have any experience or know of real reviews for the LG/Kenmore 5.2 cu ft. washer and 9.0 cu. ft Dryer?

I LOVE my Miele W4842 and T9802, but I really, really want bigger and more flexibility on the dryer.

The build quality, features, selections and options on the LG/Kenmore are surprisingly great.

I am not concerned about the washer at all, but I am nervous about the dryer, since it does NOT reverse tumble. In all my years of Miele, I have become totally spoiled with NEVER having balled up sheets, towels or wrinkled clothes. The Miele dryer rotates in both directions during the drying cycle, so nothing ever has a change to ball up.

The LG/Kenmore dryer only rotates one directon (like 99% of all dryers). It seems only Miele, Electrolux Wave Touch and one GE model has 2 way drying.

Will I make a big mistake, getting a dryer that does not reverse? For those of you, who have a dryer without reverse tumble, how are your sheets dried?

Thanks so much! :)

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Fisher & Paykel has one model that reverses in their new line of frontload dryers (the topload units are discontinued). I don't know if the new models are yet widely available. They appear to be GE clones as has been F&P's previous frontload dryers on the US market for years.

Fisher & Paykel DE7027P1 (also a gas version)

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Thanks dadoes. F&P reverse tumble dryer sounds and looks great......their washer looks and sounds awful. LOL
Why, why would someone buy this kind of washer over a front loader?

I looked at the new GE Right Height front load washer and new dryer.....reverse tumble, but the materials, build quality, metal and plastics on the machines were awful Even Sears and 2 appliance stores told me to avoid GE laundry units :-o

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This second largest set (until Samsung rolls out its 5.6 washer and 9.5 dryer) seems to be getting good reviews from CR as well as reviewed.com - for example. Whatever you do, though, I'd keep the Mieles around. ;)


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Not sure if they still sell it, but I thought ADC (American Dryer Corporation) sold a high end home dryer that was cavernous that had reversing based on their Solaris Dryer line. Years ago, all the Camco manufactured dryers for GE out of Canada were reversing, but they had easily the smallest capacity in the industry, in the event you were considering used equipment.


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The ADC dryer you recall may be the KitchenAid-branded unit called the Pro Line. The matching washer was a restyled Duet.

F&P's front-load dryer on the US market from the late 1990s up to the recent revamp was a GE/Camco but did not reverse.

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Thanks everyone. If my Miele units were bigger, I would not even consider anything else, even though the dryer is archaic, in terms of offered cycles and virtually no temperature options. I spoke with a good friend of mine, who has the largest, top of the line LG units...and while she loves!!! them, she did say that yes, once in a while sheets come out of the dryer stuck in a hot, wrinkled tight ball. I do not understand with all the high end options, why reverse tumble is just not standard!!??

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Dadoes, that's the one I remember from ADC. And shame on me, it was the Webster city made Frigidaire that reversed years ago, not the Camco made GE.

Larsi, reversing is not easy to do. Electrically it is brutal on the motor circuitry having 50 to 100 times more start ups, where the in rush current zaps the components harshly. The idler system gets way more complicated as well. Certain parts like the motor, the contractors, the belt, and the idler system have to add lots of cost for the same net reliability.


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Reversing seems to become a premium feature on many European dryers as well. I have a Bosch Axxis and drying lightweight items like microfiber bedding is a total pain in the @$$. Two minutes and it's just a wrinkled mess.

Whirlpool once sold a dryer that had different user-adjustable drum speeds. Normal for regular loads and fast for sheets to keep them from balling up. Electrolux uses this feature on some of their European dryers as a wollens cycle - it keeps the items mostly pinned to the drum without tumbling them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woolens Cycle

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The multi-tumble speed Whirlpool dryers initially had three speeds (1972-1974-ish), then two speeds (1975-76), then they dropped the feature.

Whirlpool also offered dryers with two drying speeds in the mid-1960s to early 70s. Airflow rate and heat input were reduced on the Gentle speed for delicates. Tumble speed was not affected.

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As a Brit living in Canada, it amazes me that dryers do not reverse tumble as ALL of them do in Europe. So I have been on the hunt for one too. I saw on a blog that GE do 'de-tangle assist' but trying to get GE to answer emails to ask them is like getting blood out of a stone. I have been to 2 large appliance stores on Vancouver Island, BC who have completely stopped selling GE for that exact reason. I spoke to a lady in Sears appliance dept today and she also says it's embrasssing when customers come in complaining that they leave scores of messages and NO ONE gets back to them.I am going with Fisher and Paykel, bonus too is that their warranty is twice as long as anyone else.I am not bothered about the look as long as it does the job and they are only in the laundry room after all. Good luck to anyone thing of buying GE. Hope this sheds some light on the situation.

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The F&P dryer is a re-badged GE.


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