Bosch Axxis not spinning and not draining water

chanjJanuary 2, 2013

Hi all - Happy New Year!

I have a 6 year old Bosch Axxis WFL 2090UC front loader that had worked great for many years. Suddenly, it is no longer spinning (to dry the clothes between cycles and at final spin). I found out the reason is that it is not draining water for some reason (I guess when the washer has too much water - or above a certain level, it does not go into spin mode) - if I remove the water manually from the drain hole in the bottom right corner of the machine, it goes through all the cycles properly (including all the spin cycles).

I looked at the drain hole and could not find any obstacles blocking it. Are there other ways to find out obstacles inside the machine?

Has anyone seen this before? Could there be other obstacles somewhere that I cannot see visually?

If the draining mechanism is broken, can it be replaced individually? or should I be looking at a new washing machine?

Any help on how to resolve this would be much appreciated! Please let me know if I can provide any other information.

Thank you in advance.


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The drain pump has a clean out located at the front right of your washer. Your Use and Care manual should show how to clean it out.
In a worse case you may have a item caught in the tub drain. In this case the heater is removed and it can be accessed from there. This would need a service tech to do.

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I've checked the drain pump and do not see anything in there. Is there anything else I can try?

As to calling a tech, do I have to call a bosch certified / affiliated tech? Or can I call a local repairman? how about Sears? do they have reliable service techs?


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I had the same issue with my Axxis+. With me, I used to leave my washer door open all the time to avoid mold. And as a result, over time, the door started to sag because it had no support. It doesn't help that the door is heavy because of the glass and it uses plastic hinge parts and they distort under gravity.

Regardless, now when latching the door for washes, the bottom of the door whould rub/scrape on the bottom of the front cabinet. As a result, the latch mechanism didn't completely engage which caused the machine to not spin or drain.

So, Basically what you have to do, is when latching your door, you have to hold the door up (to avoid scraping the bottom of the cabinet) as you lightly slam it shut. Another mistake I was making was I would pull the latch handle back when closing the door but that's wrong. You're supposed to lightly slam the door shut without pulling back on the latch handle so the latch properly engages.

So, I thought was doing a good thing by leaving the door open all the time to avoid mold but I created another problem. I still leave the washer door open, but I shut it after an hour or so.

Next time, try it: Hold the door up and lightly slam it shut without touching the latch handle. See if it works.


ACTUALLY, I still have the webpage saved in my favories. I pasted it below. This is where I learned it from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Door Not Latching

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@jseeley - thanks for the info. However, after looking at your details, I think I have a different problem.

My washer actually washes (the drum churns left and right and all that), but it does not drain (and hence, since there is water still in the washer, it never goes into spin mode).

I looked at the website you linked, and found some info about that issue (even though it's for washers of other brand, but same / similar principles should apply). I think I'll need to take it apart!!!

Thanks again for taking the time to post and attaching the link!

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As long as you know the drain hose is clear, maybe it's the bad water pump or control panel? There is a channel on Youtube called Espares. (They sell washer parts in the UK.) Their Youtube videos are quite informative with self repair and they use the compact Bosch (comparable to our Axxis) as a demonstration model. Here are two videos. (Copy and Paste)
The first one shows you how to replace the water pump and the second one shows you how to remove the front panel to get to the control module.

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The first video link is very helpful! Thanks so much... We're going to give that a try first.

Appreciate it!

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Glad to help. In the first video, he only he takes the back off the cabinet to wedge some cardboard in there to protect the suspension parts.(And to take the back off, you need to take the top off) Otherwise, the water pump is accessible from the bottom.

These videos are great. If you fix it, imagine how much money you'll save. If not, then at least you got a new pump and at the same time, you learned a repair which makes the next repair that much easier!
Good luck

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