Geothermal 'recharging'.. LEAK?

evylouJune 3, 2008

We live in northern Ohio and have had this system (Climatmaster Classic) for about 10 years now and frequently have to call the repair guy out to fix it. (The system will run non-stop and not cool or heat our home.) The problem is it always needs recharged....water added.

My husband figured this out after hanging out while they fixed it. We have spent a great deal of money on other repairs also, replacing Air Coil in Jan 2007 (part number 61S0104N55)because of a supposed leak and misc. other charges. But, we still have called them out twice since new coil to have system fixed. (They add water.) My husband finally purchased the part to check and add the water himself. Do you think we should be looking for an underground leak, or is this "normal" maintenance. Yes, we disagree about this topic.

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How much water is he adding? Do you have a small expansion tank install for the ground loop? The loop temperature is low in the winter and warmer in the summer. Without an expansion tank the loop pressure could get too high or too low.
Typically you don't have to lose much water to cause the pressure in the loop to drop and cause a problem. It may be hard to find a small leak underground. (if it is underground)

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Thanks for the reply. We don't have an expansion tank on the geothermal. My husband says he recharges the system monthly. It is usually at 20 PSI, and he adds water until it's 40 PSI. As to the amount of water added, he has no way of measuring that, but thinks that is is less than a cup. Thanks again for any help or advice.

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We had the same problem with our geothermal unit - it did not hold pressure. The contractor added a sealant to the unit and it worked.

Now we have a worse problem. The seal around the pipes from the coils has broken and water is leaking into our basement through the foundation around the seal. I'm talking lots of water. We had the outside dug out to get to the seal and the excavator sealed it, but after two inches of rain, it's already leaking again. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Lastest update....that last leak was a "Pete's Port" that we had already replaced once. Replaced again, and no further need to add water to the loop. Yeah!!!
NOW.....the condensor air coil (part number 61S0104N55) that we replaced 2 years ago has started leaking again!! (Confirmed by dye test!) We are contacting CLIMATE MASTER tomorrow....they were so much help (SARCASM) the first time (cost for us $1000 +) we will see what happens now. The unit certainly seems to be a LEMON. Would not recommend it to anyone! The cost to keep heat on far outweighs any savings, and that seems to be questionable.
Anyone have any helpful suggestions dealing with a company and this kind of a warranty issue? Do we need to contact a lawyer? What would be a good consumer agency to help? I am so upset about this, couldn't sleep last night.

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How do you know whether the problem lies with a defective coil or improper installation procedure of said coil?

I would ask Climate Master for the proper installation procedure to be followed so that you could follow up on what the installer is doing or not doing  if thatÂs where the problem lies.


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I understand your frustration but I think you are placing too much blame on climatemaster.
Your first complaint is that water has to be periodically added to the system. The original installer should have installed an expansion tank which may or may not have contributed to the leak problem. It was finally diagnosed that the pete's plug was leaking. That is usually on a fitting that is not factory installed. All pete's plugs that I know of have a cap with an oring to seal the port. Was the oring missing?
Now the air coil developed a leak after 8 or 9 years. That is unfortunate but not unheard of for any brand. Now you said you have to replace it after 2 years. That is a short time. If the leak is at a factory connection then I would hope that the contractor would be able to purchase the replacement coil at a reduced price.
You said you have a warranty issue. I'm not sure what warranty you are talking about.

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Sounds like very poor system performance to me.

We have a 15 year old Waterfurnace Premier two speed 4 ton unit with two 250' vertical ground loops. We had our first repair this year, the multi-speed blower went out, and I was unhappy with the delay if repair and the cost, but it was the first repair.

We have never added "water" to the ground loop, and I am unaware of an expansion tank, I may take a look. When we had a repair we got a Waterfurnace dealer to do the repair, the one who install it 15 years ago chanted to Climatemaster.

I think you've got a valid complaint. Check on the Climatemaster web site, and/or your documentation to see if you can find the regional factory representative. Waterfurnace has one for NJ, where I live, and he and the factory heard from me on the delay waiting for parts to make the aforementioned repair. I did talk to someone at the executive level at the factory. I didn't have anything like your complaint so all I got was a "sympathetic ear". I think you deserve some factory covered repairs.

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