Samsung 520 ?

whistle_gwJanuary 25, 2011

I have purchased the Samsung 520 washer/dryer and it should be delivered tomorrow. I downloaded the washer manual and have read through it. My question, is it necessary to run it without clothes the first time? I cannot find this addressed anywhere in the guide. I seem to remember that I did this with a new washer years ago and I'm sure it certainly won't hurt to do so. This is not my first front loader and I understand about leaving the door open and wiping the gasket. Are there any other tips you might have for keeping this laundry system going? Also, the manual says not to wash scatter rugs in it because of sand/dirt. Anybody follow this recommendation? I have lots of rugs and pet bedding and certainly thought a $1500 washer could handle them.

Thanks for you help and suggestions.


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Wondering the same thing because I just bought one myself and they are coming next week.
Seems stupid not to be able to wash rugs in it!!

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Hoyamom, mine is being unloaded right now. I will run it empty just as a caution. I was hoping to get more responses. If I run across anything in the manual that's not in the online one I'll post.

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