Arm & Hammer Sensitive Packs

larsi_gwJanuary 22, 2014

If you are truly sensitive to laundry scents, but do not like 100% unscented....these might be your Nirvana. There is the faintest, most gentle scent of clean laundry left after using these, but it is honestly almost entirely unscented.
These DO NOT suds at all, even when using two packs. The cleaning power is good, but not great if you have tough stains or bad odors. Rinses are basically crystal clear.

I think these are actually quite good, although I for sure enjoy some more scent on my laundry...especially towels and sheets.

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I tried these and they are great, Larsi, thank you!

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Great Patann!! They are quite good actually!!

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Thanks for the tip larsi. These can come in handy for the stuff that I wash in hot water.

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