Blomberg washing machines?

love2danceJanuary 4, 2010

I'm new to this forum, and I am seeking advice on compact washer and dryer options. My space is limited to 24" width (space is actually almost 26", but too small for "standard" size laundry.) Originally I was going to go with the Bosch Axxis, but in reading reviews, it seems people either love them or hate them, either got a good one, or a lemon. I saw a new (to me) brand yesterday while out searching: Blomberg. I can't find many reviews, so if anyone has personal experience with this item, please respond. The cost is significantly less (almost $1000) than the Bosch pair. Asko is on par with the Bosch, but I also don't know much about them, and Meile is a bit more than I want to spend (although I do like the build quality of a Meile vacuum I have.) Any imput on compact w/d's appreciated!


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I looked at a pair of floor models that were marked down when I was looking. They were short staffed so I didn't get a lot time with the sales person. One thing he did mention was that getting service for them would be tough. The other thing I struggled with is I think the dryer plugs into the washer so I wondered how effective it was if it was running on a 120 volt line (knowing even 240V compact dryers are not the quickest machines). Dryer door was reversible which is what caught my attention as my set up requires that. I cheaped out and went with the Samsung small pair as the in unit laundry is a new luxury for me so I didn't need a fancy machine on top of that. So far the Samsung pair is performing well - I have a service call in on the dryer as it makes an odd noise on the timed settings but it is working fine otherwise. For what I paid I am quite comfortable with the odd service call and a 5-7 year lifespan.

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Thanks for the reply, caryscott. I live in a major city (Seattle) and the place that sells the Blomberg also services them, so I'm not terribly concerned about that. I've seen the "small" Samsungs mentioned in a few threads, but I've never seen a compact (24") Samsung, nor does the US Samsung list one. Is that a Canadian offering only, I wonder? I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the Bosch or these Blombergs; the latter being 2/3 the price of the Bosch, so it's a tough call. Hoping someone else who has a Blomberg will chime in!

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love2dance - Please let us know how you like the Blombergs. I suspect you will either be ecstatic or very sorry you bought them. This is a German company with little market share in the US. They may be great, but history has shown that similar companies have trouble with service and parts. However, if they are great you will be a trailblazer and soon everyone will want one.

There are few meaningful reviews of them online. I did find this one - but it sounds a bit too good to be true. It may be helpful, though.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glowing Blomberg review

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I'm off on the dryer it is 240 volt. Machines are not made in Germany (Hungary - maybe).

Samsung WF-J1254 is on the US site. Made in South Korea by Samsung but it is a stripped down version of the Maytag 24" washer (they look very similar). Hard to know (chicken or egg question) but it looks like it might be a Maytag design and Samsung makes a stripped down version as part of the deal to manufacture it. In the early going the washer is trouble free and is a very effective cleaner. Debuted around 2006 I think and has a pretty good reputation (problems with leaking around the soap drawer are easily dealt with by not opening the taps all the way - hasn't been a issue for me). Very energy efficient. Dryer is mediocre but is priced accordingly ($200). Not energy efficient but it does have time delay start so it can be used in off peak hours. Not too many bells and whistles which suits me fine.

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I'm also looking at the Blomberg (I'd never heard of it but a dealer's pushing it, I'm not sure of the model #).

I think the washer plugs into the dryer, which plugs into the 240V. Does that mean you can't run them both at the same time, or does the normal (Canadian) 240V outlet provide enough for both? Manuals don't mention this. There's no option to run another line.

Their specs are all over the map, on their site the 67121/67120 is 2.35cuft and the 26110 is only 2.1! In the manuals the 67121/67120 someone miscalculated the Imperial dimensions (metric are identical but the 67121 has everything 2" too big). The 26110 is lighter and shallower than the others, I guess that's why the smaller capacity. They're already so small I don't know if I could handle losing another 5cm on the depth. :(

The site lists cycles including "90 Cotton" but the manual only shows the hottest at 73C.

There's only one dryer, I guess it stacks on any of the washers?

Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm also looking at the small LG and small Inglis (the latter made in Italy, according to one saleswoman trying to convince me not to buy it).


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True, Blomberg was a german brand. Now it is owned by, one of the two turkish biggest appliance producers. Obviously these machines are made in Turkey, however they are better made than same price range competitors ones. Also sold as Beko in EU and AUS.

Andrew, i agree with the saleswoman. stay away from Whirlpool Europe compact washers (small WP - Inglis). Drum bearings aren't replaceable, in case of fault you will replace the whole tub group. Sometimes it happens even before the EU 2 year warranty is expired

Comparing Miele,Asko and Speed Queen with Bosch,WP,LG,Blomberg,Electrolux and so on is like comparing pears to apples.

Residential Miele Asko and SQ cost more cause they have most the same commercial grade parts of their commercial siblings.

Until now I have dumped just a 16 y.o. Miele DW. Both my washers (26 y.o. and 11 y.o.) are still going strong.
In the last month my sister has dumped a 7 y.o. fridge-freezer and a 8 y.o. DW , both Zanussi-Electrolux made

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hidroman, thanks for the additional Inglis advice. I can't get any info on it (there isn't even a downloadable manual on I can't find a WP on the UK site that looks like this Inglis either but I believe you.

I was (and am) dubious about all the saleswoman's claims, since among other things she insisted the 24" Inglis wouldn't wash what the 24" LG would. I pointed out the former was signed 2.9ft^3 and the latter 2.3, she said the Inglis sign was a mistake and it was really 2.6. Same comment from me and we got into vague non-answers.

I accept that LG vs. Miele is not a fair comparison on the specs, but the Miele is priced about 50% higher ($1100 vs. $1600 for the washer, $800 vs. $1150 for the dryer, $350 [my estimate] vs. $480 for the extension to 5 years). Of course this is the Miele 1612 washer not the 3033 ( for prices, they just went up Feb 15). And sometimes the LG are on sale, which the Miele seem never to be (there's a sale on full-size Mieles direct from them, which I suspect will cause them trouble with their retail partners).

I'm concerned about being happy with a 24" machine and sinking $1900+stacking+install+tax is an easier risk than $2750++ (and $1900 seems like a lot to risk!). We think doing smaller loads of laundry more often may be a positive for us. Unfortunately while I try to be green, we don't pay directly for electricity or water (included in condo fees), so any savings we see will be divided by 284 before we see them.

I think the Miele is also slightly biggger, the LG is 2.34ft^3 and the Miele is 2.52ft^3 (from US site). Or is that a measuring difference?

Here's a question for which I get different answers, depending whether the salesperson is trying to sell me a 24" or 27" machine: can I was a king-size sheet set (fitted+flat) in a 24" machine? What about a heavy (but not padded) duvet cover? I accept that the duvet itself probably isn't washable in 24". And do any "yes" answers to this wrt Miele (2.52) differ wrt LG (2.34)?

Thanks again!


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BTW, I note the Americans have a WM1355HW from LG (Canadian is still WM1333). The US model is 2.7ft^3. Is it likely to show up here soon, or do they keep different models for a long time?


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On march 15 2011 We got our new Blomberg wash/dryer set installed.bought 2 weeks earlier at Trail aplaince store.
washer was on sale .can$799.98.dryer.499.98.stacking set.$54.instalation.$35.

We hope it is a good deal.
We had Asko set before for 13 years .Washing machine broke down.
OK.thats all..Gerard

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I looked at a Blomberg compact set over a year ago and they were around $1100 for the display models (in Ontario). That was just for the machines. I would be interested to hear more about both units. What features you like, how they are working etc. I cheaped out and gambled on the Samsung pair - which so far have worked out well.

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We are considering a pair of Blombergs to replace our 7yr old Bosch. Want to see if there are follow up feedback on the Blombergs from people who have been using them?

Would much appreciate!!!

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We bought this blomberg washing machine recently and the 7kg drum space is more than enough for us.

The tempting bit was the 3 year warranty!!

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