What to put over the range

NDSAJanuary 10, 2014

I am debating on what to put over our range. Currently we have an OTR Microwave and I was planning on keeping it. The issue is that I wanted to give some "3D" features and bump out the cabinets above 2" to make it more decorative. The issue is that in order to do that, I need to move the microwave about an 1" forward. I am not sure if that is possible (maybe just put plywood behind the microwave). But now the microwave will be covering more of the range. Has anyone done this?

So now I am reconsidering keeping the OTR microwave (I know lots of people don't like them, but we never had an issue with venting so originally I was planning on keeping the OTR microwave.) and replacing it with just a vent. My issue is that we don't have duct work for a vent (we used a recirculating microwave). My question is...can anyone recommend a nice looking recirculating vent. I am picturing something like this...

Transitional Kitchen by Cupertino General Contractors Build For Me Construction

or something like this...

Traditional Kitchen by Evanston Design-Build Firms Benvenuti and Stein

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It seems like bumping out the OTR would just make it tougher to get to the back of the range. OTRs typically already jut-out a few extra inches from the cabinet. Any more and it will be all-the-more tough to use the back burners/controls.

We are in a similar situation. We are ditching our recirculating microwave for a hood, but we will be venting since it's on an exterior wall. It seems most hoods have an option for recirculating that is either included or an additional add-on expense.

I think we are getting the Broan B5630SS, but I just noticed the price went up $50, so that's annoying. Grrr.

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Personally, I love our OTR microwave. It is also a convection oven, bakes up to 400 degrees. Since installation, we find we use that more than the gas range. We live in a moderate home, and although we really like some range hoods, it would be a bit over the top for our life style. Venting to the outside is critical, in my opinion.

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Have you ruled out venting to the outside? We had a recirculating "vent" (scare quotes because it was terrible) and have installed a vent to the outdoors. DH did it all himself so it can't be too difficult or expensive to have a contractor do!

I get the desire for variety in the cabinets but I don't know that this is the place for it. As someone else mentioned it will make the back of the stove less accessible.

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We also DIY's venting out. Not that hard (if you are handy) and not expensive.

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