Electrolux EWFLS70JTS0 Short Term Review

fastonetimeJanuary 11, 2012

So i recieved the washer yesterday and have done 5 loads so far. I have washed, oversized towels, a puffy oversized queen sized comforter, jeans and some odd stuff. The machine is solid, very heavy, much more than the WM3885HCCA that a friend of mine has. I do not find the push dispener drawer or the door to feel cheap as many say, i guess its just a new feeling that some have to get use to. The drum is huge, fits my oversized queen comforter, very nice, washes it nicley too. At the end of the cycle, after washing my comforter, all the detergent was rinsed out and it was nearly dry and only took 45 minutes to dry in the dryer. This washer has cut my drying time from around 110 minutes, to 45 minutes a full load. I imagine with all t shirt the time will be cut in half from that. So lets get to the performance.


I load the washer, select, heavy duty and add my options, i like to add steam, freshwater rinse, warm rinse and extra spin.. The washer starts to fill up, then it sprays water all over the clothes with force, (from the recirculation pump) mixed with detergent, from the jet near the LED light, then fills and then sprays the clothes again, to make sure that the clothes are Soaked and that the washer has filled completly. The wash is very silent, also the drain pump is also silet, much quieter than the Kenmore Elite 4219 i had and the Kenmore Elite top load, 29472, like the Wave force many of you have. I also like the way the clothes are washed in this wave touch vs the waveforce/kenmor elite tl. Just my opinion though.

"Add Steam"

When the main wash starts to drain, the machine then spins most of the water out of the clothes and then on the display i see "adding steam" around 40 minutes remaining. I heard the machine add some water, but not a lot, i can only guess that it works like, if you were to put a cup or two of water in a covered pan to steam brocolli or green beans. This cycle tumbles the clothes back and forth for 20 minutes. Then it drains the little bit of water and starts on the rinse. I know the LG has a true steam generator that adds the steam to the main wash, since the electrolux has no stand alone steam generator, i can only guess that it adds the steam after the main wash, as the clothes are still damp and have some detergent on them still as the clothes were not rinsed, they were just spun for a few seconds to get most of the water out and then the "adding steam" came on and it added new, fresh water, but only like a few cups.


Starts out by adding fresh water, after the steam cycle and it seems to wash them in this new water for a few minutes, then it drains the water and then it adds new water, mixed with the fabric softner. This is different than any other machine i've had as the rinse cycle always adds the fabric softner. This rinse was like it was a second rinse, but no second rinse was selected. I can only guess that it washes away the steam and the detergent left from the main cycle and then drains that and adds fresh water for the rinse with the fabric softner.


I used the maximum spin every load and so far this machine has handled and balanced every load correctly. There was a little vibration during the spin cycle, but nothing to bad, this machine is installed in the garage on a concrete floor. The most i hear is noise from the motor, and drain pump at the same time during full spin, so maybe this noise is what people are confusing for "vibration noise?"

The spin starts around 13 minutes remaining and by 10 minutes remaining its at full spin, and it doesnt increase in speed, or that i can hear from the motor, from the 10 minutes on until the cycle is complete, so i honestly believe that the 1400 rpms hit right at 10 minutes and maintain that speed all the way through the spin, each spin was like this. My Kenmore Elite FL 4219 would spin around 15 minutes and it would increase the speed as the cycle went on, at about 3 minutes left i could hear from the motor that it was revving up and hiting the final, maximum spin speed.

There was hardly any water left in the door seal and there was no water left in the tub. I am very impressed with the performance and the quality, so far, of the machine. I did notice with jeans that the machine sounded louder, but i had them on maximum spin, in the book it says to wash jeans in the heavy duty cycle, which the spin speed is Maximun spin as default, or in the jeans cycle, where the spin speed is medium by default. But it didnt "walk around" or bang the sides when washing the jeans and there were no creaking noises or anything coming from the machine during the spin....

I hope i've made this understandable for you all, if you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask...

On another note, i bought a Monster Cable, Appliance Surger Protector 200, From best buy for 69.99, its for appliances only to save the control boards and so on from frying up during power outtages. I live in california so i'm use to power outtages here and there. I heard from sears, where i got the electrolux to not use it, then from a different employee there at the same sears, they suggest i use it. So to use or not to use, that is the question?! Thoughts?

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your machine sounds great, Im JEALOUS! Does the recirculating pump run during the whole wash and rinse cycle, or just when it fills up in the wash cycle. I really like the sound of the feature. I also like the 10 min max spin time, not 1-3 minutes like on my past washers

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It does sound great! Thank you for that review. I'll look forward to how you feel about it as time goes on.


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thanks for the review. i have ordered the 70 series wave touch combo as well but wont have it in use for a while.

Glad to hear positive review of the machines. Keep us posted at any new findings.


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Hi all! Yes the recirculation pump starts out right away when the washer is filling and keeps throwing water onto the clothes, mixed with the detergent. I think it does this until the maximum fill level is reached for that cycle. As it will seem full and filled to me, but the recirculation pump will throw some water onto the clothes, then i guess the water level goes low, as the water is now on the clothes, so the washer adds more water to compenstate. I hope im makin that clear. The rinse cycle it seems to be almost on 80% of the final rinse! Very nice, as i use powder, i have no residue left on the inside door glass or the clothes themselves. I am very happy with it so far. I think its just more "noisey" during the final spin, than vibration, but if you think about it, it hits that 1400 maximum speed at the 10 minutes and carrys that speed all the way until 1 minute remaining. So i can deal with the spine "noise" 1. because its in the garage and noise doesnt bother me there, 2. because my clothes are coming out dryer, almost dry to the touch and 3. its reduced my drying time in the dryer, from like around 110 minutes a full load, to 45 minutes now! The paint is very glossy, i like it, its got a sparkle to it as well! I wanted either the red hot red, or turqouise sky, but green is my color, so i went with it and im not disappointed. So far everything works as promised. One thing i did notice is that when you push the door to open, say with your knee if your holding a laundry basket, it tends to swing open kind of fast, so its hit the garage dry wall a few times, as the washer is near a wall and i cannot move it over more to make it miss the wall, so thats one thing to watch out for, just catch it when you do open it with say your knee. Other than that it does not feel cheap, i like the push button dispenser drawer. It really makes the whole thing look slender in a way, no handles on the door and no pull handle on the dispenser drawer just add that touch of elegance! I really like! :O)

I used the deep clean sanitize on my bedding last night and the door did feel hot and the door did lock, as i paused it, it would not let me open the door. I was trying to see what temp i was getting with the sanitize, but im guessing it reached that high temp as the front of the door was very warm. Not enough to burn, but just enough to ensure the sanitize and heater had worked! I mean to radiate that kind of heat through a layer of glass and then a layer of plastic, its got to be hot! It says in the book it gets 158 degrees.

I will have to try the fast wash sometime, but i really don't get how clothes can be washed and rinsed and spun out on maximum spin speed in 15 minutes? I'll try it and update the times on the wash and the rinse and the spin!

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i really want the dryer as i just have the washer, right now there on sale at sears for 1399 for the 70 series. I just bought a dryer a few months back, but now i have a pretty turqouise washer and a plain white dryer, lol. Maybe if i can get one on clearance or something with a drastice price drop i'll buy one, i just dont see the point in replacing a dryer thats 6 months old!

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Thanks for the reviews, your right about the hot wash and not being able to open the door. Once your washer hits 130 degree temps, it locks the owner out from opening the door. If you dont mind, could you tell us what your wash and cold Temps are with a digital termometer? You wont be able to test the sanitary cycle temp, because you will be locked out of opening the door and you cant even test it with the drain water as your machine will add cold water to the end of the sanitary cycle to cool down the wash before it drains. Like you, I dont see how a 15 minute wash can clean anything other than some stuff you just wore to a clean job or out for the evening and you want to freshen it up. As stated in your owners manual, this cycle is for quick light jobs, and not meant for a full load of dirty clothes of any sorts. Im glad your happy with your machine. Im curious to know what cycles the heater does come on in to heat or boost water temperature. The noise you hear during the spin cycle is pretty common for any fron loader machine. The more weight that is in it, to more you will hear it. Im like you, it is a non issue for me as my HE3T was the same way

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Hi all, Gates i will record the temps when i do another few washes! Also i did the "fast wash" cycle today for small clothes. The booklet does not say what would be considered a "small load" to the washer, so i washed, 1 jean, 1 sweat pant, 2 polo shirts and 1 thin t-shirt. The cycle is defaulted at, maximum spin speed, you cannot change the spin speed, warm water, or you can opt for cold, minimum soil level, or you can opt for light soil level, which only adds 1 minute to the wash, so instead of 15 minute fast wash, its not 16 minute fast wash. Also you can add steam, but then the cycle goes up to 36 minutes.

The washer filled with water and flooded the clothes with the spray jet, mixed with water and detergent. The wash time started at 16 minutes and started to drain at 10 minutes going into the rinse. The rinse cycle seemed to have the recirculation pump and jets spraying the clothes, on the whole cycle. At 3 minutes is when the machine started the final spin. This took a little longer for the machine to balance out the load, im guessing because i had one pair of jeans in the load, but i thought that adding the shirts and a pair of sewatpants would even it out. But instead of 3 minutes to spin the load, it seemed to take 5, as it had to try and balance it, which it did an excellent job, and then spun the clothes out very dry, for the remaining 3 minutes! My clothes came out clean, smelled fresh, no detergent residue on them or anything, so it did work for me very well, as i needed my clothes clean in a hurry today. I would only use the cycle if im on a tight schedule and need clean clothes within the hour.

I've beem talking wiht Chris Polk from Electrolux, who has gone out of his way to help me, with questions i had about the washer before i got it, to the many questions i had about the washer after i got it. He has been more than helpful to me and i am very thankful that theres still someone like Chris who cares about customer service 100%

I asked what a "small load" means, as the book does not say. He said like, a load of hand towels, curtains, table cloth, light weight shirts. He said the load i did was perfect, but that the heavier the clothes, the more water used and the higher the spin speed needec, so there was nothing wrong with the washer adding time to balance the load correctly for that cycle and the spin speed selected.

I am very happy with this washer and all the help Chris has provided to me!

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I have also emailed Chris with questions about the various models, and s/he (not sure which gender is correct) has always been very prompt with a response. I also went back with some questions for clarification after some members pointed out that the answer was less than clear, and Chris again responded politely and quickly. This person appears to be a good resource for folks that are shopping E'lux products, and doesn't seem to mind doing a little asking around to find out the answers to the picky questions.


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Good deal on the washer, Im glad you waited and got what you wanted. there are not too many lux owners on this site, so it is nice to have you to tell us about your machine and how it works and performs. Im looking forward to hearing more from you.

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I am a bit disappointed that the Steam is not "steam" but just squirts of water in the washer and dryer...

If i had known this i would have ordered the IQ touch and saved some cash.

It is a bit too late now and i will have to try these once i take delivery.

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Jsmith, I actually have considered ordering the IQ touch in the 55 line just because I really don't care about the 'steam feature'. The washer you ordered has some features that the 55 does not have--including a much larger capacity and a feature (can't remember the name) that will tumble the clothing after washing so that it will relax a little from the really fast spin. The dryer also has a reverse tumble feature that is supposed to keep things from rolling up into a ball. I'm considering one from the 60 line, which also has steam and some, but not all of these features. I have not made a final decision yet. I'm thinking about this WAY too much while waiting for a sale. :-)


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@cj: Nods i knew of the differences from the huge elux thread and especially since i was able to get a hold of a comparison matrix from elux.

Pricing wasn't off by a lot between all the models.. e.g between iq and wave for me there was a 300 difference.. .between 60 and 70 there was a 125 or 150 difference.

It's just the steam is not real steam which i was somewhat looking forward to... i mean how is it different than just tossing in some water in the dryer ourselves?

Me getting the 70 series meant i could not get the blue one (my choice of colour)... i would have probably gotten the iq touch or 60 series if i had known the steam was not steam.

Once i get the units i will see how i feel about it... main reason i went with the 70 was steam + extra tumble (reverse tumble) + option to add more water in a wash.

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I have had the IQ Touch for a couple months now and I cannot say enough good things about it. It washes super well and rinses a lot better than the old Kenmore HE3t I had before. I have a king-size comforter and I can get the thing in there with no problem and it washes and rinses very well and comes out smelling fresh and like new. I'm very happy with the purchase. It was retailed at $1099 I think at Lowes but because it had 2 minor dents in the side and front; I got it for $643!!

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Wow, CharterOps, that's a steal! I wish I could do that.
E'lux just dropped the price on their washers, too. I wonder if they'll stop doing rebates, since the price drop is about the same as the rebate amount. It would make sense, I guess.


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Lux needs to drop the price of their washers to make them more appealing to other brands, not to mention the have a horrible reputation for their dishwashers and fridges. The washers are not big sellers at Sears, from what my friend tells me who works in Sears Appliances, due to the price of them

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