Insulation of heat ducts in the attic - PROBLEM!

kashka_katJune 10, 2008

Hi Im having ongoing attic insulation and ventilation problems - your advice & expertise please!

Was supposed to have R50 insulation installed over the heat ducts which go thru the attic and then back down to the rooms below. I went up there and theres no way theres R50 over the ducts. Its cellulose and now that its settled theres barely an inch of insulation over them and in some areas are bare.

The contract said the attic ducts would be air sealed and insulated to R50 value. Is this a breach of contract? What specifically should I ask for to remedy the situation?

One of the other guys I had give me a quote (before the work was done) was going to cover the heat ducts in spray- on foam. Would this be a good solution? The second guy (who did the work) didn't want to do the foam but said he would have the pipes wrapped instead and then covered with the cellulose that went over the rest of the attic floor. I didn't see any insulation wrapped at all around the ducts - only some aluminum tape at the joints.

The cellulose alone is not doing it. I have ice dam problems in this one area of the roof where the heat ducts are.

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The first thing you might want to do is address your ice damn problem before it become serious.

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Sorry to be cranky but could we stick to the questions that were asked please.

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Not with that attitude.

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Blown in or in this case blown over cellulose is not how to insulate ducts. You may have got R50 for the ceiling though.

If the contract said it was to insulate ducts you were taken. If all you got was tape on your ducts to seal them, and not a duct sealing mastic, once again taken.

Calm down, and yes leaking uninsulated ducts in cold climates will thaw snow down to the overhangs and other cold areas and cause the ice damming.

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What specifically should I ask for to fix the situation? How are ducts usually insulated in an attic? What specific materials? I want to be able to say specifically what it is I want before I speak to them. Thank you.

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Dusts are typically sealed with a grey duct sealing mastic brushed on over the cracks. There is an aluminum tape (not dust tape) for the DIY and lazy that does work fairly well.

For the insulation a foil faced duct wrap or board is applied to the desired thickness and sealed with special tape either self adhesive or bonded with a heat iron.

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