Asko W6884 vs Miele W3033

gentoocaneJanuary 7, 2013


I have been researching these two brands washer y dryer set for the past few weeks and still cannot decide which would be a better fit. I cancelled an Electrolux (70) due the dubious "software" based feel. Firstly, I desire from my washer and dryer that they mechanically function well at washing and drying my load. I simply was not impress with Electolux's finish materially. However I have digressed.

I am interested in purchasing either the Miele W3033+T8003 or Asko W6884 +T783 set. Could anyone share his/her practical experience(s) with either products?

I would like to add that the dryer would be a luxury because for my dearest loads I prefer line or dowel dry. Yet I need a no non-sense washer soonest!

The Asko has appeal for its top-end RPM (1800), which would improve my line dry times. Its internal heating would seem to introduce some serious benefits as well.

As for the Miele, I have had some experience with its commercial grade of washer and dryers some time ago while in college. So, I feel like as a baseline I will inherit the legendary quality.

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If you require the machine to heat your water above 158F, you should go with the Asko. The Asko is a 220v machine with a robust heater, the Miele a more anemic 110v model that can't heat beyond 158F in Sanitary.

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The Asko experiences I reviewed that have been peppered about its products recent years have left me too uneasy about choosing it. So I went with the Miele set.

Perhaps time will tell, and I will give Asko a try somewhere down the road as a supplemental set.

Thanks, sshrivastava!

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