Adding ducting to cool garage

davestexasJune 6, 2011

My home has 770sqft of conditioned space. 2T Trane condenser with 45k btu gas furnace. I'm in Central Texas(HOT) and the AC has always done a great job of cooling. For years I've thought about adding one or two flex ducts(10') to the one/two end of the line registers to cool the attached 1-car garage. Garage get oppressively HOT in the afternoons. I'm retired now so using the garage is important these days. Garage is 250sqft w/8' insulated ceiling and 3 insulated sheetrock walls. Wood garage door w/seals on all 4 sides. Garage situated East side of house w/door South. Workable idea? Problem having no return-air?

(Only other solution is cutting in a 110v ES room unit on the blank East wall, but I'm thinking the HOA would not approve. No room for unit on North wall due to electrical/plumbing in short wall. Portable unit is out of the question...takes up too much room in small space and they are way expensive to buy/run.)

I use a Dearborn 20K btu gas space heater to heat garage. With very low flame, it heats the garage to mid-60s from low-40s in about 1hr.


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"Adding on" the end frequently doesn't work out very well. You would also need a properly sized return for it work well.


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you can't have a return air from garage.
code doesn't allow it because it is a hazard.
could you add a window unit?
you can purchase heat pump window units that will
provide heat in winter and cooling in summer.
or a p-tac heat pump unit.

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like I wrote: can not use window unit, reasons being there is no window/HOA. have read nothing good about portable units. other solutions?

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Mini-split? whatzit?

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He suggested a mini-split air conditioner or heat pump. Given that you think that a portable is too expensive to buy, it is probably out of your price range. Do a google search anyway to learn about them.

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If there is ever a fire in the garage the duct is a direct entry into the home. I would at least make sure it is steel duct. I know of a couple houses with a duct in the garage and both have a large condensation ring around the duct where the sheetrock has absorbed the condensation that built up on the register.

I have a portable unit and it would be the hot ticket but it needs and inlet and exhaust vent not just an exhaust vent. There are models available with this option.

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Looked for info on mini split system. I recall seeing this on some remodel show in the past. I believe it is exactly what I want and it's very affordable. 9000btu unit for about $700. I can install it and have it charged by HVAC guy. I'm a retired Electrician, so the install is not a problem.

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good deal..glad to know you won't be returning
garage air into your home..
best of luck.

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I am glad to hear it. Check carefully into the quality and efficiency if you will be using it a lot. You should save a lot of fuel money over a portable if you do use it a lot. Be sure to check the compare the price of a heat pump model. They might not cost that much more.

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lol....keep finding better deals/systems. Latest is one with a DC Inverter compressor. 9000 btu/18 seer rating/230v and it is a heat pump to boot($780 total). Problem I have with any/all is the line-sets are short which means the indoor unit is 25' away from (opposite to) the summer heat source....South side concrete driveway/Sun. No option on placement of outdoor unit. It has to be at the back of the garage exterior. I thought the best place to hang the indoor unit would be half-way the 25' length. So it's still a work in progress so far.


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I think the 25 ft lines are standard but can be extended to a point. I have a hard time believing that you can't hang the indoor unit anywhere you like in a garage that size. That will give you greater flexibility in running a condensate line and maybe you can hit some existing plumbing with it so you don't have to run anything outside and deface the outside of your garage.

If you don't mind the price, I think you will love the minisplit. Your man cave will be a lot quieter than with the window unit or portable options and cost a lot less to run.

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