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dbmetJune 5, 2011

Just got a quote on a new Bryant system to compare to the Lennox one I was looking at, but I can't find much information about the system? Is this a decent system or should I look for a better air handler?

Straight electric with 15kw strips

Bryant 116BNA060 and Air handler FX4DNF060 ?

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You need the Mdl FV var speed air handler and the 15KW heat strip should be staged if your intent is not to go with a heat pump.


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Model number should likely be FX4DNF061, since that is what matches up with the 116BNA060. The FX4D is the Carrier equivalent of the CBX27UH (with the X13 motor).

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Thanks can anyone tell me the difference between the x-13 motor and the motor in the CBX32mv besides the price difference? Lol

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Yes, there is a significant difference. The variable speed motor (CBX32MV) will adjust its RPM as needed to maintain a constant, preset airflow volume. When deficient ductwork or a dirty filter/coil cause resistance to airflow, with the X13 motor, you'll lose efficiency and capacity since the airflow will be less than the nominal setting. The variable speed motor can "speed up" to overcome this (to a point). On very poor ductwork systems they can be noisy; however on most duct systems they are very quiet and do well to overcome and minor deficiencies in the ductwork. Also they can be installed such that they can lower their speed during a cooling cycle to dehumidify better (requires a thermostat that controls humidity "on demand"). They are both high-efficiency, DC motors. But there is a clear difference and advantage with variable speed. The installer tells the motor which airflow to provide. With the X-13, the installer must measure the static pressure of the system, and select the speed tap that provides the closest airflow (there is a chart that shows the speed taps along with the respective airflows at difference static pressures).

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Awesome That helps me out alot.. Pretty much justifies the extra expense as well.. Sounds like it would help in this big house with only one a/c line and having the master way across the house..

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Ryan is correct.

I still would prefer the HP version of the mdls you are considering.


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