Paranormal experiences, anyone?

golddustSeptember 10, 2012

Just asking because I never believed in them ( spirits, ghosts, etc.) whatsoever. I had an experience last night that has left me shaking. Anyone else?

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No, never. More's the pity. Do you feel comfortable sharing?

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Yes, when I was much younger. Apparently I was chosen but not open enough to the experience (too scary and I kept fighting it - thinking I was dying) so it never happened again. Until I saw a Ufo! I know, it's crazy talk but it happened!

Do tell if you want!

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I have not but completely believe it is possible and always try to get a feel of a home before moving in. Luckily, I have not experienced any bad vibes or had any personal paranormal experiences.

Yes, please share with us.

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Yep. I've shared them before, but in light of today being the anniversary of 9/11, I'll share another.

We were enjoying our vacation in Hawaii when suddenly I was struck by a feeling I can only describe as horror and dread. I had a daytime vision of a large plane exploding while flying. I was terrified and really can't put in to words the feelings. I just wanted to be home because I was terrified. I was crying and shaking for about an hour. I kept telling myself it was nothing and DH was really concerned about me. I kept saying "I'm on my dream vacation for cryin out loud!"

The rest of my vacation was slightly diminished by this episode, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. We landed at home at 10pm on 9/10. We were watching the news live when the second plane hit the tower and exploded-exactly as I'd seen in my vision.

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Pesky, your story made my hairs stand on end.

I also have visions/intuitive experiences, nothing quite that horrific though.
A couple of recent ones...

On Sunday, I kept having visions of a head on collision and as we were driving, kept *seeing* cars cross the center line - I was on edge the whole time.
There was one not far from where we were, pick-up crossed the center line - pick-up driver and a passenger in the other vehicle died.

I've always been wary of the intersections in our town, especially the ones with stop signs on one street only.
When driving with DH, I was always telling him to be careful and he would always come back with, 'it will be on your side anyway' ha ha NOT.
It always set me off because I told him that IT IS going to happen and it will be on my side and, besides, that's a crappy thing to say - I was never that nice about it.

It did. 1/4 of a mile from our house going 45mph.
Sent us flying into an oncoming car and, amazingly, not one of us were injured but both cars were totaled.
The woman who hit us with her van had only front end damage.

The first experience I had was when I was around 5.
We went to go look at an apartment and when we walked into the landlord's apt.
I knew where everything was.
I asked them if I could see their fish tank and numerous other things.
I knew their dog's name and that she slept on a white rug near the fish tank.
Everyone was spooked and my mom took us and made a quick exit.
I can still see that place today.

I've also had what some call paranormal experiences.

The original owner of our last house passed away 10 years after we had purchased it from someone else.
In her obituary, it stated that she loved her time in that home.
I remember one of the neighbors telling me how she didn't want to sell but she had to go to assisted living.

That night, both DH and I woke up and thought the house was on fire because the hallway was so smokey.
Then we realized it wasn't smoke - you can't *feel* smoke. O_o
When I knew what was happening, I just spoke to her and told her that we loved her home too, that we were taking care of it, and that she should pass through.
She never visited us again.
Don't know about the new owner though. !

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Very interesting stories indeed!

I'm not sure this qualifies as "paranormal", but on more than one occasion, I have awoken in the middle of the night and smelled the aroma of something baking. One night, DH and I both woke and smelled the distinct aroma of warm toast. These weren't mild scents - they were strong, and very pleasant. Over the past week I have woken up and would have sworn DH was up making waffles or pancakes ... but he wasn't.

I have no idea what this means. When we both smelled the toast, DH read online that that's a scent people often smell when they are having a stroke! (Well, surely we both weren't having one at once?!)

I do know that a very happy family lived in our house for years before we bought it, and I tend to think that the walls still hold "impressions" of past events (including delicious breakfasts!) that are released from time to time.

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Yep, because it's happened to me. I couldn't make up this stuff if I tried, which is why I'm now a firm believer.

I've already told my stories, but I would love if you would share your's, Gold!

Oh, here's a question for the Christians here. I never spoke of this until my children were in their 20s, when these strange things began happening to me.

When I was 14, my boyfriend was in his car and hit by a train and died. One night I was laying in bed bawling, there was no consoling me. I opened my eye's and I swear Jesus was standing there looking at me with sadness.

I told my DS's about it, and one of them said he had the same vision when he was driving. As I talked to others, they too had seen Jesus once in their lives. Not all of them, but many.

Has Jesus ever appeared to you? That night is still fresh in my mind.

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Like sunny cottage, it's an aroma, Saturday evening I was lying in bed, hoping I would not toss and turn half the night. I smelled something familiar and sat up sniffing in the sweet scent. I realized it was the face powder my Mom used to wear, and always loved the scent. I smelled it again the next night, but have not since.

Mom used to make blueberry muffins and while living in my condo several years ago, got a good smell of muffins baking. Youngest DD was living with me at the time, and also smelled it. We ran to,the kitchen, but nothing in our oven, so went outside sniffing the air~nothing. It was late, after midnight, and the 2 units on either side of us were in bed as well as the unit behind. It was then we decided it must be Mom's blueberry muffins. That was the only incident.

I'm definitely a believer! ;o)

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Isn't that odd, patty_cakes? When I smell those sweet scents, it's definitely not a disturbing thing, but a real (pleasant) curiosity. I wish I understood how it happened, but I suppose it will remain a mystery!

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Wow, Pesky. Just wow.

Mom was to attend her cousins 80th birthday party in San Jose on Sunday. She was invited to spend the night at her sister's home. Robert and decided to take advantage of a great opportunity for a needed break. Following the advice of my SIL, I booked us a room at The Hyatt Sainte Claire.

The Sainte Claire was built in the late twenties and boasts marble floors, painted ceilings, etc. DH and I are both fans of historical architecture so we were excited to stay there.

After the party, we got the ladies settled and left for the motel where we caught up on the news while having a single glass of red wine. I fell asleep while DH watched TV.

I am not a good sleeper anymore anyway and waking several times in the middle of the night is normal for me. When I woke up, I saw a woman bending over Robert. I closed my eyes and opened them again, wondering whether I was dreaming. I was not and she was still there. I was aware of this feeling like there were many spirits in the room and I saw a man in a suit with a vest and close to me, resting on my arm, were two young children. One had a pacifier and the other was a bit older. I knew they were siblings because their eyes were the same. The kids were in my bed, right next to me and were looking at me. The room suddenly felt like it was very crowded with people/spirits and I was terrified. I wanted them to leave and leave now.

Robert woke up to me "speaking in tongue." lol. I could not form words, just sounds. I finally found my voice and said in a loud, insistent voice. "You need to leave." And they immediately left. The room felt totally normal again. Robert was awake by then and we talked about what I had seen. He could see I was shaken up but ok.

The lady's face was not as visable as the two kids but I could tell you how she wore her hair. She seemed preoccupied with DH, not me. Aimee said maybe she was trying to put the kids to bed. Who knows.

I felt like I handled the entire situation all wrong the next morning. Like I was very rude but I was terrified.

At breakfast the next day, I googled the hotel with haunted after the name. Sure enough, there are stories about a resident ghost they call 'Julia'.

Still trying to process the experience. Sigh. I do not believe in the paranormal.

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Gold, at least you had the presence of mind not to say, "You need to leave, you slut."

(Sorry ... I just couldn't resist! I think your story is fascinating!)

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I lived in a 200 year old house for years without seeing anything out of the ordinary -- by the end of that, I was convinced that there's no such thing as ghosts. But when we were househunting (looking to move out of that house), we toured one older farmhouse (again, probably 200 years old) that I'm convinced was haunted. It was dh, the realtor, and me, but I ended up going off by myself to see the house while dh and the realtor checked out the manly things like the furnace and the basement and such. As I walked through the house, I kept hearing footsteps in other rooms, coming up the stairs, etc. I assumed it was dh and the realtor, and kept wondering why they didn't join me in the room. After I while, I called out to them but they didn't answer. And when I'd move to the room where I thought I heard the footsteps, there was no one there - I figured they'd moved on to a different part of the house.

When I was done touring the house, I saw dh and the realtor outside checking out the yard. I asked them why they ignored me and they said they had been outside or in the basement the whole time. I told them about the footsteps and they said that while they were in the basement, they experienced something similar -- footsteps that they thought was me coming down the stairs to join them only I never showed up. We were all freaked out and immediately crossed that house off our list. That is the whole extent of my experience with the paranormal, but it was enough to convince me that maybe there is such a thing as ghosts.

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I haven't had any experiences but I believe it can happen.

oakleyok - I have never had an experience of seeing Jesus, but have you heard of the book called "Heaven is for Real"? It is about a little boy's visit to heaven. I read it in an afternoon. You may find it interesting.

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Wow, I personally have never had one of these experiences but I believe in them.

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Yes I believe in the paranormal and have had ghosts here on and off, mainly on, since we had this place built 19 years ago. This isn't some old house with a history, it was built for us, which I find a bit odd. We've had 2 friendly ones and one angry Indian. He scared the daylights out of several visitors over the years, as he hung out in the guest room and DD's bedroom. He came and went, but we finally had to have a highly regarded paranormal "ghost buster" come and get him to move on. It worked, thank goodness, and we haven't had him back since, which was about 6 years ago. Our home here is in the mountains and there were never any homes here on our property previously. The paranormal expert told us that he felt that this was where the Indian had hunted.

The ghost/spirit/soul of a close friend of mine, our (adopted) son's birthfather, stopped by the day he passed, earlier this year. I didn't see him but he whooshed through me, making me feel instantly very chilled and light-headed for a minute. I know that he came to say goodbye. He told me many times before he died that he had his heart set on going to Afghanistan to watch over DS (sadly, his only child) after he died if he could. I like to think he did just that. DS returned safely from his year tour over there on August 25th.
Besides being considered a ghost-magnet by my family and close friends (LOL), I've had other paranormal experiences throughout my life. It runs in my family on my mother's side, who came from Scotland. My maternal grandfather, my mom, one brother and one sister have it also. Gramp and my brother were/are "rescuers". They see events before they happen and are guided by something to be there to help. My grandfather saved a number of lives because of this. My brother has as well. My mom, sis and I don't have that "gift", but do each have others. But, unlike the people on tv who can "call up their gifts" at will, none of us can. I tell you all this because you only know me though this website. Unless you're part of my close family or a very close friend, I never mention this. Neither does my mom, brother or sis. Most people expect you to just call things up at will, which we can't.

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Thanks for sharing your story Lynn. My fathers family has gifts, too. Several mediums in the family and many others who have spiritual 'gifts'. Like the mediums on TV, they can't just all it up on when asked, but have definitely been able to sense and communicate with spirits. My 'visions' have occurred numerous times over the years-it's just the really vivid ones (like the 9/11 event and knowing that a serial killer was latino before the police identified him as such) are the ones I recall best.

I've seen and experienced several spirits, too. None malevolent, only good.

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I don't know if this counts, because I "asked" for it, it didn't just happen, but.... on a couple of desperately important occasions in my life when I was really confused about what to do, I asked for help to come to me in a dream, and it did. I saw in the dreams how things were going to go, and indeed that is how they went.

The rational scientific part of me wants to say that my brain just put together the answers I wanted to hear, but in the first of these dreams, the answer I got was the total opposite of what I wanted. And I chose not to believe it and to go on doing what I was doing....but the dream came true after all.

In the second dream, if a friend called me and told me she was basing a major life decision on that dream, I would have thought she was nuts. But it was so clear to me, I could not help but believe it.--it wasn't even a decision, it was more like a revelation. And it too came true.

Having had these dreams, I am careful what to ask for when it comes to more. It wasn't very pleasant getting that "bad news" dream, and I wouldn't want to spend my life waiting for bad things to come true. Sometimes, things that are awful are better as a surprise.

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The only experience I've had didn't happen to me; it happened to my sons. When my boys were small -- I think maybe ages 2 and 5 -- they each told me, separately, that they had seen "the lady with the blonde hair and pink sweater" standing by our Christmas tree. It gave me goosebumps. We had only lived in our house for about a year at that point, so I don't know if it could have been a previous owner or what. But they both described her the same way, seen in the same spot, but they told me separately, so it wasn't like they were corroborating or making up a wild story. Plus, it wasn't your typical "wild story" made up by boys who like action heroes! Just a lady standing by the Christmas tree.

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Yes I have had them.

But the most disturbing thing, is that from time to time I get an awful anxiety feeling that is different than the usual anxiety I feel when just being overwhelmed with life. The awful feeling usually does not go away until something dreadful happens. I don't get it that often, but when I do it is absolutely disturbing.

The last time I got it was in July. I woke up and felt death. I'm not sure if I can explain what it feels like but I did. I got a phone call later that morning that my father had died. And sadly, I always knew I would get that phone call as well. It was just a matter of time. Every time the phone rang at an odd hour, I always braced myself. When I saw my Aunt's phone number on my caller ID when she knew I'd be at the beach, I braced myself, and when I heard her painful cries on the other end, I knew before she told me. My father was not even ill, he had a massive heart attack. But he had had a dream a few months ago about his own death, for some reason he thought because of that dream he had 7 more years to live. I suppose that was why he didn't think much of the chest pains he was having in the days leading up to his death.

Not sure if that qualifies for paranormal with just one story, but I have had this for years and if I listed all of my cumulative stories you all may think I'm crazy. It's quite disturbing and upsetting and I wish it would go away.

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Sorry about the triple post, I kept getting an error message and hit resend twice.

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My 5 year-old GS told me after his Grandpa passed he became a Hummingbird. This was my 'husband' whom I had been separately from for the last 17 years. He passed one year ago on Easter Sunday. We had remained friends thru the years and he was at my home in TX when he passed away~just wanted to give you a little background.

Last week GS told me Grandpa was now a Dragonfly and reminded me of the one that had been flying over the pool when visiting DD in CA back in July, and just wouldn't go away. Yesterday DD(his Mom)and I were talking and she asked him why he first said Grandpa was a Hummingbird and was now a Dragonfly. He was very matter-of-fact when he said, 'Mommy, you can change to whatever you want in Heaven'. Incidentially, my husband always had bird feeders hanging in trees, one was a Hummingbird feeder. I also have to add I had never seen a Hummingbird here in Austin until this last spring. One of my cats was staring out the DR window and I noticed a small 'something' twittering in the tree outside the window. When it flew out of the tree, this is when I noticed it was a HB. It flitted around for at least 15 minutes, then flew away never to be seen since. I knew it was my husband. It was then I remembered my GS telling me about Grandpa being a HB. Small children are often used as 'conduits' for the other side, and we think they are making up stories, when the possibility of what they say OR see is very real.

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