do you have an LG? getting used to new sounds...

lawjediJanuary 26, 2011

I just had my new LG washer installed this morning and have taken it on it's first "joy ride."

It sounds very different from my old (broken) whirlpool. When the water is filling it sounds like rapid fire squirts of water going into the machine, instead of a steady stream. Is this normal????


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Yes, definitely a different set of sounds. We have also replaced our Whirlpool Duet Sport with an LG washer - about 2 month now. I have noticed with the water that it goes in very short spurts for a while and then it changes to a more steady fill. Then it tumbles for a bit and adds water if needed. But the short spurts at the beginning are rather annoying since they make the water pipes shake! So far I am extremely happy with my new washer. It has a water heater (unlike the Duet Sport) and it's made a world of difference with our towels and sheets. I use Sanitary or Baby Wear cycle on them and they are now super fresh.

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thanks -- it does sound annoying, and yes the pipes shake. but I'll get used to it. I just wanted to know if it was normal - I called LG and the customer service person said I probably had air in my pipes and to flush them out. I just flushed my pipes and am running a second load... yep, rapid fire again. but I do occasionally hear the stream, so I know it's not air.

Your post reassures me that yes, it's different, but it's ok.


I also noticed that my towels came out HOT from the washer. That was new. ;-)

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Hmm, hot towels after a couple of rinses just doesn't sound right. All the cycles in my washer have cold rinses and I never had any of my laundry come out hot after the end of the cycle. Are you sure your intake hoses are not reversed?

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I will check. the delivery person installed it for me. when the second run was hot at the end, I started wondering the same thing, just hadn't made the leap to actually checking.


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It sounds to me like water hammer. Although, I've never experienced this personally, I read a few comments regarding it.

See link to LG's information re: water hammer.

Let us know if you get it resolved!

Lawjedi, looking forward to more info on your washer. What model did you get? What is your initial review of it so far?

Here is a link that might be useful: LG - What is water hammer?

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Yes, the shaking of the pipes is due to water hammer but we have already done things to deal with it (had a similar issue with the prior washer). LG just seems to have a particular propensity for it and the fixes don't make it go away completely. I've read somewhere that the water valves close too quickly in LGs and that's the underlying cause. And the intake of water in short spurts as opposed to a steady stream seems to make it even worse.

In case you're interested livebetter, we bought LG WM2301 which is the simplest model with an internal heater. I don't need all the fancy features like steam, etc. I am very happy with the washer. I use Water Plus and Extra Rinse on most cycles and the laundry comes out clean and well rinsed. Extra hot water does wonders for my towels and sheets. Whites come out nice and bright when washed on sanitary with a tbs of oxygen bleach in addition to detergent. The only complaint I have is spinning speed. I think it's slower than my old Duet Sport. The machine is much more stable and less shaky but I think the laundry comes out with a bit more water in it than from my old Duet. But the matching dryer seems to deal with it with no problem. The washer has 4.2 capacity but it does best with medium loads (the drum filled to about 3/4 when dry). I managed to overload it once (a large load of towels and other heavy items) and it had a problem spinning. But it handled our thick king size mattress pad with no problem. So overall, I'm very very pleased so far.

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I really thought I had responded to this... I guess it's lost in cyberspace.

The hot/cold hoses were switched. It's quite tight, so I'm waiting for dh to come home and then he'll get them on right.

I did 2 loads of laundry before I stopped for the switch... spin was VERY quiet. but then again, I've been hearing a jet engine spin for several months on the now dead Duet. Yes, I have the water hammer thing going on... I'm wondering if when dh switches the hoses, it'll be better - that's another thing I noticed - the delivery people used my "old" hoses (remember, only 2 yrs) - when I was looking for the hot/cold info, I saw that LG states you MUST use their hose - and their hose looks different.
I will report back after it gets corrected.

I'm not overly picky about laundry (in other words, if it goes through the washer/dryer, I pretty much assume it's clean - I don't have time or inclination to look over every article of clothing when doing laundry for 6 people on a daily basis)... but everything came out looking great. the first load was a very nasty, dirty, yucky load of towels that cleaned up the water/mess/dirt/lint that was behind and under the old washer when we moved it out.

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Yup, common with LG. Once we got two of these (link) and installed them on the back of our LG combo, water hammer noise disappeared. Enjoy your new machine!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mini-arrestors

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If the hoses are switched, then the thing is probably having a problem getting the temperatures set right. Also, the LG starts out with a few seconds on, then off, then on and so on in order to mix and flush out the detergent in the tray. Liquid detergent has a tray that siphons to drain. The machine doesn't know if you're using powder or liquid, so it waits for the liquid to siphon whether you're using liquid or not.

It also cycles the hot and cold to set the temperature so you'll hear that happen as it fills.

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I've been running them all day (trying to catch up from the week with a dead washer)... dh put the CORRECT LG hoses on last night, in addition to making sure the hot/cold was correct.

The REALLY BAD water hammer sound is gone. Yes, I hear the short spurts in the beginning, but it is nothing like what I was hearing when the delivery people used the wrong hoses. The LG hose tapers down to a small pipe section right before it connects to the machine. My old hoses resembled the traditional garden hose style.

Everything seems to be coming out wonderfully. I'm a happy camper. Now it just needs to prove it's longevity (surely will be longer than my 2 yr old duet made it)... and if it doesn't prove it's longevity, I have an extended warranty to cover the first 6 years....

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My LG started squeaking with tub rotation around 8 mo. Unfortunately, warrantee service wouldn't come out for a squeak if the machine still functioned. After about 3 more monthes, I couldn't stand it and sold the set on CL for about half what I paid for them.


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lawjedi, so glad it's working well! I hope you have many years of perfect wash. Please keep us posted if anything changes.

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