Please help me with a stackable W&D pair!

eleenaJanuary 30, 2013

I posted this on the Appliances forum before finding this one, sorry about cross-posting.

I really want to have a chat with that person who said it was good to have choices! LOL.

I am re-modeling my (very small) laundry room and need a stack-able (not stacked) front-loading washer-dryer combo. Most new washers have steam and water heater options (which is good) and having digital controls are not very important to me.

What I really need is a washer that can do equally well both small and large loads (does not have to be super-large as it is only 3 of us). My 10 year-old Whirlpool Duet is not very good at washing small loads (despite the claim), plus it is dying.

I do wash king-size comforters and blankets from time to time but I do small loads daily, thanks to my DD. :-(

In December, I almost bought Electrolux IQ- or Wave-touch but halted due to recent negative reviews about the quality.

And all the reviews I have read all contradict each other.

According to TenTop's 2013 Best Front Load Washer Comparisons and Review, Samsung WF330ANW is the best:

Another reviewer recommends Whirlpool and LG:

while Consumer Search says that Maytag is best:

I am going crazy, help me please!

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I hear Electrolux has great customer service where some people have said they felt abandoned by LG and Whirlpool when things went wrong after the warranty expired.

Electrolux seems to balance better (good for smaller loads).

Go with your gut and go with Electrolux (or Frigidaire).

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What worries me is that there are more negative reviews that are pretty recent. It looks like the quality went down lately. And they complain about the Customer Service as well.

Here is what one guy says:

"I purchased this new Electrolux washing machine and was excited to use all the features! Installation cycle failed and it took 9 days for their service tech to even look at it. It failed right off the assembly line and was not repairable )major electrical problems). After 20 days, having to go to a coin laundry 2 miles from my house, I gave up on their poor service and purchased a competitor brand. Do NOT waste your time with Electrolux or this washing machine. Check out their website reviews and there are other "installation cycle" errors."

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I'm wondering where this person bought his machine, and with whom he was working to get service. I bought my machine from a local store, and when I thought there might be a problem I had someone out to my house within 2 days, and it wasn't even a big problem! They checked it out and in the end, it was fine. My machine was delivered with the wrong rack for the dryer. They drop shipped a new one from E'lux and I had it the same week. My experience has been very good, and I am very confident that if I ever had a problem with my machines, it would be taken care of. However, my first call wouldn't be to Electrolux, it would be to the salesperson who sold me the set. And if she was of no help (which would surprise me), then I'd be on the phone with Electrolux in a hurry.

That said, I posted on your other thread in appliances that I've had a good experience with my Electrolux set, the 70's model.


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Thanks, Cj!

That helps a lot.

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Electrolux bad experience (bought last year) - mold after 8 mths and took over a week for somebody to come out and look at it suffice to say was not impressed with the service at replacing them this month

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(this is not to sound like a smart ass question)
Have you ever owned a front load washer before?

I ask because in some areas of the country, you may have hard or very hard water.
Hard water with it's higher mineral content can play a number on washing machines and your clothes.
If not enough detergent is used in hard water, limescale can build up along with other gunk and mold.

Mold is easier to control by using HOT washes on a regular basis (not only once in a while).
Or do a "Clean" cycle at least once a month (or more often) with bleach and NO detergent.
Liquid bleach will also kill mold and should be used in a "White" cycle or in an empty machine's "Clean" or Hot wash cycle.

Do be sure to use ONLY "HE" laundry detergent.

If possible do try to leave the door open after a cycle to let the drum dry out...usually 12 to 24 hours.
You can also leave the additive drawer open to let that air out and dry.

Unfortunately, front loaders need a little more maintenance than top loaders.

Let us know what you replace your Electrolux's with and if you have better luck with the mold issue.

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Ha! georgect funny you should ask!
Have had FL's for the past 20 years with no issue - that was back in Australia with Bosch and Asko... since moving here the Electrolux which I kind of felt was a bad decision at the time but for many reasons I went with it
I use Charlie's soap - low suds and not much...I know how to use FL's
I don't use fabric softener - only vinegar in the final rinse
I think it's a problem with the 'cheaper' FL's and I personally think that the european brands are much better, perform better and never a mold problem.....I'm either going with an Asko or Bosch again - would prob try a Miele but the appliance place is replacing the w/d set free of charge and they don't sell Miele

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Yes I definitely think European machines are better...aren't they 220 volts and can get to a true boil wash temp?

It sucks that Americans get dumbed down and weaker machines.

I know an Asko or Bosch will do you good.

Do they make Asko's and Bosch's for American household power or do you need a special hook up?

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Well, I suppose most Australian washers define a warm wash at 40C/104F, while most US machines will only give you roughly 30C/85F for a warm wash. Hot is even worse. Low temps and eco-soap are likely to cause a moldy washer.

It's not a brand-related issue, in my opinion. I have a large Duet and it's pristine inside and out. My grandma has a Miele and it stinks. It just comes down to the user's laundry habbits and knowledge.


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Alex I agree that laundry habits contribute to how well a washing machine performs but I also think that a lot of the FL's sold in the US just aren't the quality of say our german made FL's ie Bosch... I never had any issues before and I haven't changed my habits much - if anything now I don't use fabric softener and I use much less soap
BTW I believe there is a class action suit going on at the moment country wide re electrolux and mold issues - that's a lot of machines with mold issues
I do think it's the machine in this case and I'm glad I'm getting it replaced with either Asko or Bosch (prob Bosch)
PS I checked re our water and it's somewhere in the middle - not hard but not soft and so I don't think after 8 mths this would have had an impact but regardless I use a 'water softener' made by Charlies Soap to ensure hard water doesn't cause a problem!

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