Extended warranty?: Buy through Dealer, Electrolux, or skip?

rjoeJanuary 19, 2010

I am looking to buy an Electrolux IQ washer & dryer (no steam). Should I get the dealers five year extended warranty for $150? Electrolux offers one for about $69/year for up to three years. One interesting thing is that with the Electrolux warranty you can purchase it at any time for up to 15 years after your purchase. The only catch is that before they will issue you one you need to pay for a service call to verify that the machine is in fine working order.

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Consumer Reports always says not to bother at all but some of us like to have a fallback. My understanding is the best warranties are the manufacturers and after that a dealers if it is underwritten by an insurance company.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance411

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You want the warranty! Go through the dealer first. I have had to call a tech out 4 times for my washer. I have only had it for 1 year and 8 months. Once the warranty with the store is about to expire decide whether it is worth keeping the machine or if you want to replace it. If it is worth keeping then go ahead and pay a tech to check as per Electrolux requirements. Then you will be covered. Sometimes repairs can cost just as much if not more than the original price of the machine.

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These are not warranties, they're service contracts.

To me much depends on how expensive the item is, how you take care of things and if you think it's prone to breakdowns.

It's a good idea to get a copy of the actual service contract and READ IT THOROUGHLY. Then you'll know what the coverage is. NEVER ASSUME. If it doesn't say it's covered, don't expect it to be covered. Check for co-pays, maintenance service calls required and the like. Service contracts are an insurance policy at best and not a satisfaction policy.

A service contract is no better than the ones servicing it. You can wait weeks to get an initial service call and can plan on problems not being resolved in only one call. If parts are needed, they'll have to be ordered, most likely. That means more down time and then schedule an appointment for when the parts arrive. Service contracts are a great training ground for new techs. But keep in mind that sometimes the service outfit gets a flat rate for the service call so it's not likely they're going to spend more time than they have to on a call. If it looks like it's working, they're out the door, and you can't blame them for that.

I know of only one person who has ever been happy they bought a service contract. Some others just say they feel more "secure" (LOL).

Also keep in mind that abuse is seldom if ever covered by a service contract.

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Based on the fact that most appliances are built with cheap plastic parts these days, my repair man said, "Make sure you get an extended warranty".

I've lost faith in Consumer Reports these days. I uses to be an avid follower.

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Often it's just cheaper to buy a new machine occasionally or pay for a repair than buying the service contracts. There's no one right or wrong answer on whether to get a service contract or not. I bought a $10 phone one time and they wanted me to buy a $20 service contract! It'll cover it for a whole 2 years instead of just one!!! I replied "why not just buy a new phone for $10 if this one craps out?" He hung his head and agreed but said he has to do it, which I knew.

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I purchased mine from Home Depot when I bought my washer & dryer. I usually don't buy extended warranties but for these I did.

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