Carrier Infinity Air Flow

bjp999June 23, 2011

I have a brand new Carrier Infinity system.

- 4 Ton Performance Series 2 Stage Heat Pump (25HPA648A003)

- Infinity Series Variable Speed Air Handler (FE4ANF005T00)

When I go into the advanced menu / checkout and turn on the heat pump for high cooling, the system is reporting 1400 CFM air flow. The static pressure is good at 0.53.

Why is it reporting 1400 CFM? Installer says everything is set up for 4T but could not explain the reading being 1/2 ton low.

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It might be running 350 cfm per ton to reduce humidity. You can set a desired humidity target in the advanced menus, too.

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Carrier's default is 350 cfm/ton on the FV4/FE4 fan coils. It is set up just fine, and should do a good job cooling and dehumidifying.

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So you are aware, the fan coil can be instructed to operate at a higher airflow setting if you want more airflow. I think it's a matter of the installer selecting the "comfort" (350 cfm/ton) or "efficiency" (400 cfm/ton) airflow setting.

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