Under cabinet washer/dryer, need short model recomendation

gaviota_galJanuary 22, 2011

We have beautiful, 24 year old cabinetry in our kitchen which we don't want to change. The washer and dryer are that old as well and need replacement. Each repair to them costs 25% of a new appliance. The problem is that we only have

34 3/4" height and depth of 27" which accommodated our old w/d just fine. Now every company seems to have much larger units for full size. I just can't switch to a 2.2 cu.ft washer. It would be terrible for energy; way too small.

Does anyone have a new washer/dryer under cabinet? Do you know of a unit that would work?

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I just searched the ajmadison site, filtering by height of less than 34". 13 machines were identified, the largest being the Bosch Axxis+ with 3.4 cu.ft. capacity. The others were 2.7 or less.

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beaniebakes, thank you so much for doing this. I had forgotten about that site and I don't think I ever realized that I could run a search with a height limitation. I'm going to that site now. Thank you.
What washing machine volume is "big enough"? Does anyone have an opinion? Our children are grown but I am concerned about resale as we are getting old for such a big, one acre property with six bedrooms.

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I'm not sure about capacity, but friends had a similar issue with a laundry room/mud room with w/d under a counter. Their originals were Sears Kenmore & they ultimately replaced with the same.

I'm not sure if ajmadison carries ASKO, but they offer smaller units; but here I also write from memory & not doing additional research so I don't know capacity.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the information. I don't quite understand why washers and dryers are so much larger these days even though the capacities are not larger. It is aggravating that kitchen designers built in under cabinet appliances and now there are few that fit.

I really appreciate the generosity of information and support from members of this forum. Thank you.

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For some reason, the ASKO W6222 is no longer on AJMadison's web site or a few other sites that I've checked. I sure hope it isn't being discontinued, since I've been considering it for a new laundry closet, though I've been going back and forth between the Bosch and ASKO, driving myself crazy. The 6222 is less expensive than some of the other European ASKO units.

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Beaniebakes, here is the link to the Asko 6222:


Does anyone know how many cubic feet one needs for "normal" family use? My Frigidaire has been fine for a family of four but these Asko units seem tiny. 2.4 or 2.5 cu. ft. ???? Will that even do a load of king sized sheets?

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I think the Asko is 2.7. It supposedly holds more than it appears to, but I have never used it and really don't know if it would meet your needs. If you're planning to sell a six bedroom house, I doubt it would be a good selling feature. Maybe someone who has it will see your post and reply. BTW, it requires 220 service. It hooks up to the cold water line only and the washer plugs into the dryer. The internal heater can heat the water up to 205 degrees. You could bring a set of sheets to a store near you to check out the capacity (if you can find a store that has it on display.)

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