Which Speed Queen top loader for a family of 4?

wannabfoodyJanuary 25, 2014

Our family consists of two girls ages 7 and 3 (and the youngest is 3 and out of diapers so no cloth to wash) and myself and my husband. We do about 6 to 8 loads of wash a week. I am debating between the base model 412 and the mid model 432 but I am not 100% sure we need all 17 cycles, but the addition of the extra rinse cycle could be nice. Also any convincing arguments for the top of the line 542 would be greatly appreciated.


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I've had the 542 for about four months. If shopping today, I'd buy it again.

IMHO, the extra-rinse cycle is must-have. You probably won't use it all the time (I don't) but it is a definite plus when you want it. Actually, same with the cycles....sooner or later, you'll be glad for the options, especially as the girls grow older and start being finicky about how their clothes are treated.

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Extra rinse feature is nice, I program whenever I run through a thick fluffy item like a comforter or thick jacket where the fiber thickness inhibits getting the soap out.

Of course water/sewer cheap where I live, maybe not so cheap out West.


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An extra rinse can be run manually by resetting the timer.

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I've had the 542 and matching gas dryer for 8 months now and they have performed flawlessly. I considered the 432 but chose the 542 because of the extra cycles. I liked the idea of having them available should I ever need them. And I have. The cost was only 40 or 50$ more and I have no regrets. We are a family of three adults, two dogs (beagle and great dane) several cats and do about 6 to 8 loads a week.My daughter can be quite picky about her clothes, as I am.

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I believe the 542 has a Gentle Wash/Fast Spin that the others do not offer, if that sounds like something you might use.

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I always use the extra rinse feature, every single load. I wouldn't have a washer without that feature. Speed Queen is a great brand.

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