Carrier dehumidifier option causes condensation

bookgalJune 24, 2011

Have a new Carrier Infinity 4 ton heat pump system with Infinity controls. House is 3000sf in VA where it does get very humid. When I run the unit with the dehumidfier option on (temp: 76, humid: 58%) it creates condensation on my air vents. Installer says turn off the dehumidify option, but that does not seem right to me. It should work correctly, shouldn't it? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Are you saying if you have the cool to dehumify option turned on, you are getting a humidity level of 58%? I consider a level above 50% to be high.

I have separate Carrier Infinity furnaces and air conditioners for my two story house. The other day I noticed the Infinity controller on the second floor showed a humidity level of 37%. I have no condensation problems.

I don't agree with your installers advice. The humidity control is the one of the great features of the Carrier Infinity system.

Where is the condensation ocurring? Where is your furnace or air handler located? Did you have this type of problem with your old equipment? Were their any changes to the duct work when the new equipment was installed?

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If you are just starting the unit and it has only been running a short while, you might get a little condensation especially in a high humidity area near a body of water. You can see that on a glass of iced tea even in a properly conditioned space. It should go away the longer the unit is in operation provided you don't have excessive infiltration of humid air or other moisture source preventing the unit from doing it's job.

Sitting here reviewing your issue, I can only make guesses. For example, I had a new customer call me last year. She was all concerned that water was condensing on all their windows in August. I figured this would be a insulation or other infiltration issue and had in my mind on the way over there, what I would look at. It turned out they had an indoor pool and it was that area where the condensation was. Needless to say, the A/C was working fine and everything I thought I was going to do went down the drain.

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