Stall mat for placing under washer/dryer?

jamrockJanuary 23, 2012

Does anyone know where I can get the stall mats for placing under my washer/dryer?

I am in NY and I hear they are heavy & therefore expensive to ship.

Would love to pick them up locally, if anyone has been through this and know of a place.

Also interested if anyone has bought & had it shipped & all turned out OK.

Where did you get yours?

Curious if they have a strong rubber odor and how long that took to disappear (assuming it has). :-)


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I know there are some stall mats installed in Garden Webbers homes...

This forum is where I first heard about using a stall mat under the washer/dryer.



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I don't have them under my washer/dryer but I do have horses.

You can get them at any Farm Co-operative or Tractor Supply store. There are Tractor Supply stores all over.

Also you could try ordering from a company such as Farm-Tek or a horse supply catalog.

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Thanks gbsim.

I didn't get anywhere with this. I knew to try tractor supply stores but I wanted to try to find the mats locally because I heard they are very heavy and very expensive to ship.

Even with the internet, being in Manhattan I didn't have any luck even though I tried to find places on Long Island.

I ended up giving up on this, due to time restraints and the fact that my contractor was ready to have the washer/dryer installed.

Thanks for your response.

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