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barrychanJune 1, 2012

hi all!

My condenser unit (Carrier 38TKB036) for the past year has been having trouble starting. The fan would start but the compressor would not kick in until say half an hour later. The first two years it didn't have that problem only recently. I have a dual capacitor that I replaced and it did not solve the problem. I am looking into the hard start kits below but they call out a separate 'run' and 'start' capacitor. So does that imply I only need to purchase the relay from the kit or I have to change out my dual capacitor that is in there right now? Thanks for the attention.

http://www.captiveaire.com/CatalogContent/Fans/Sup_MPU/doc/Start Capacitor Relay Kit.pdf

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Since you have a 3 ton unit. Get this hard start kit. It comes with a relay.


The instructions are easy.

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The hard start kits come with a start capacitor and relay. You need both items in addition to the run capacitor. The capacitor in the kit is wired in parrallel with the run capacitor for the compressor. The relay disconnects the start capacitor once the compressor starts up. This is important since the start capacitor will not allow the compressor motor to run correctly once it is started.

The 5-2-1 compressor saver is easier to install and seems to be popular with HVAC techs. Here is a link the web site. There is a good video explaining the installation and operation.

Here is a link that might be useful: 5-2-1 compressor saver

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Thank you all for your responses. I'm still a little confused since I have a dual capacitor. does that mean it is both a run and start cap? And will i just use the relay from the kits you recommended?


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The dual unit has run capacitors for the condenser and the fan. You add an additional capacitor which will be used for starting only.

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A hard start kit adds additional start capacitance, ad a timer relay t pull it out of the circuit.

It does not replace or change the capacitors you already have.

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I got it. Thanks for your patience. Will follow up with the forum once I have it installed to see if the problem went away.

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Just wanted to let you guys know the hard start kit helped. The compressor is starting faster. The fan still does start for a few minutes before the compressor kicks in but the compressor is starting a lot faster than the usual 45 minutes of waiting that I have been used to. THanks for all the help; you guys are great.

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It sounds like the condenser does not have much life left. If you make it through this summer, then start planning for a new unit in the spring.

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