New W/D or continue to try and fix Asko T701

BlkCoffeeJanuary 19, 2012

I have a stackable Asko washer W6021 that gets it's power by pluging into the dryer T701.They are 7 years old.

The dryer belt was shredded and has been for a while. A service call was $165 before parts. My wife and I decided to do it ourselves. We bought and installed the belt assembly. Everything went well and we did 4 loads of laundry before they stopped mid cycle.

Guess getting fixed would be what I would like but investing any more money into them is probably not worth it.

Are there any dependable FL's for around $1000 -$1200. money is an issue right now.

Should I consider going back to a top loader ?

Any help would be appreciated this is my first post here.

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I'd call Asko. I did and had success. They may give you a credit for a new asko dryer perhaps too.

Here's my washer story in the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: asko

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Thanks for the advice, I'll call tomorrow. Hopefully it will be something small, at least we got it going for 4 loads.We haven't had a dryer for quite some time now we have nothing.

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It might be worth checking out some of your local appliance dealers. I have seen great deals recently on floor models of both Asko and Miele washers, including an Asko for approx. $200.

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It might be worth checking out some of your local appliance dealers.

Thanks for the advice akrogirl, what country are you in. I am in Canada. Have been going to the bigger chain stores (yeccch) looking for replacements. There was a small store that might of been proming but they were closed for lunch. I really would like to fix these but I need a really good deal ( like you mentioned)to buy new . To make matters worse they would have to fit through a 26 in door, which is how I got Asko in the first
place. I will knock this door frame out for the right deal .

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One last try and we got w/d to work.Decided to do a visual inspection. Removed back of dryer to see where it sparked.

First we noticed the wires were not in the clips that keep them out of the way. There was a small burn mark at the edge of the drum and the outer layer of one of the wires was exposed. Did it rub against the drum till it shorted ? With nothing to lose we taped the wire and plugged the dryer in. It began to work as normal no squeak. Next we plugged in the washer to the dryer and it worked as well !!

So far we have washed and dried 4 or 5 loads of laundry.

No appliance shopping today.I will be keeping my eyes open for their replacements in the future

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