Rust on Grille of Outside Condenser Unit (photos)

love_the_yardJune 1, 2009

I live in Florida and my A/C unit is about 15 years old. It still works fine but the outside condenser unit has become a real eyesore. The grille over it is covered with rust. It originally had a plastic coating around/over all of the wires that apparently didn't last in the Florida sun. The plastic coating dried, cracked and peeled away leaving exposed metal underneath to rust. Can I remove the wire grille, brush it down with a wire brush to remove the remaining plastic coating bits and paint it with Rustoleum Cold Galvanizing Compound Spray? Is there a better solution? Even though this old girl looks as rusty as can be, all of the rust is on the grille. Thanks!

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just curious. what brand outside condenser?

do you live in a coastal or inland environment?

I personally think you are wasting your time.

But if this eyesore is a concern, then check with an AC supply house about a new replacement fan cover grill. The rust may be holding the grill together.


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The brand is Carrier.

I live exactly five miles inland from the beach. (You may consider that "coastal"!)

If this were hidden around the back of the house, I would agree about the time but in my neighborhood, all A/C units are on the side of the house and my neighbor's front door, which sits at an angle on their house, facing my house, faces right at this. The unit can also see it as you are driving down the street. Unfortunately, it is on the side from which most traffic approaches. So got to do something about it.

So I could purchase a new cover grill? That may be a better idea. You are right that the rust may be the last remaining threads of strength. I will have to shop. Would appreciate any online recommendations of supply houses.


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the grill on the top of the unit holds the condenser fan motor so the rust is not the only thing holding it together. yoy can remove the grill and remove the fan motor and sand and paint the grill (be sure to turn the power off to the unit) Once you have the top grill removed the one for the sides is easily removed by taking out a couple screws and lifting the sheet metal top up. The only thing holding the side grill on is it is wedged between the top and bottom sheet metal. Reassembly of the side grill is usually a little difficult an extra pair of hands is usually necessary to get everything lined up correctly. If you want a new replacement grill it will have to be one made by carrier for that exact unit. Take the model number to the local carrier dealer and have them order you a new one.

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