HELP- Maytag Bravos Washer is such a pain!

brianadarnellJanuary 12, 2012

This is the top loading Bravos washer I am talking about. Even when you place sheets in the washer separately, this washer has a way of corralling them into a giant ball that slams around in the washer and ends up sending an error message and shutting off. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone figured out a way around it other than washing everything separately which is ridiculous?

Cross posted on appliances as well.

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Use the designated cycle for sheets if there is one offered. If not, try the Bulky Items cycle or Delicate to see if the results are better. Don't include towels or other highly-absorbent items with sheets, that'll contribute to throwing the load off-balance since sheets are typically a much lighter/less-absorbent fabric.

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I've been washing sheets in Maytag Bravos for almost 4 years with no problems at all. Are you using the Sheets cycle? Are you loading the sheets as the washer manual instructs?

When I first got this washer, I read the washer manual more than once to get the hang of it. It was worth the time I spent.

If you are doing those things properly, you may have bought a lemon. I hope that's not the case.

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I have both, the washer & the bravos dryer. I hate them both. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Don't waste your money.

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Joydee12, I'm sorry you'e so unhappy with your Bravos. I love, love mine, which I have had for two years now. In fact, when my dryer at our main residence died, I really wanted to replace it with a Bravos dryer like we have at out lake house, but I decided to economize and got a GE Profile dryer instead. I hate it and wish I had gone ahead and gotten a Bravos instead.
There is definitely a learning curve with using Bravos, but once you follow "the rules" I find that I really like them. I confess I rarely use the steam feature on the dryer that I thought I would use a lot - but it has been handy when I needed it. I don't understand how the washer gets out all of the dirt with so little water, but it does and I'm happy with its performance.
What in particular do you not like? Perhaps some of us on this Board who like ours can help with what you don't like. And no, I have no affiliation or connection to Maytag. I'm just a plain old (ahem, OK, middle aged) consumer who likes her washer and dryer.

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I'm glad you actually like your Bravos. I think they are such cool looking machines. I do not own one but I've seen lots of videos and reviews on them. It's either a LOVE or HATE with them. Based on what I've seen, I don't think I would like them. I fear I would always use the bulky cycle for everything if I owned one.

I would think that obviously lots and lots of testing had to be done with very dirty laundry etc before the machine was released. I can't imagine them just designing this machine assuming it would clean clothes. It's just so hard to watch so little water and watching and waiting for the top part of the clothes to get circulated underneath. It's like watching a clock move. It happens eventually, but you don't see it by watching it unless it's time lapse.

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yes the roll over is slower than a traditional top loader, but it gets the job done with out beating your clothes to high hell in the process.

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Yes, repeatedly and that is why I am giving it up and bought a new washer coming on Wednesday. I really dislike the Bravos. I can see nothing good about this machine. Sure it holds a lot but the clothes are not clean when they come out and there is not enough water to even cover the clothes lightly. Sometimes I think the clothes are merely wet but not remotely clean. Had enough of the Bravos. I know some love them but they are just not for me and yes, I read the manual and am intelligent enough to know how to use a machine like this. I am just weary of the mushroom cloud of solid rock sheets having to be pulled apart and the wrinkles in all of our clothes. It doesn't do it every time just often enough that it keeps me on edge when I do laundry. Washing clothes should not be rocket science and worry one so that they can't leave the area when the washer is running. The steam dryer does nothing to take wrinkles out BTW. Good luck!

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I have not had any problems with mine, but it's only been a year and a half. The sheet issue can be solved by binding the middle of the sheet; I tie mine in a knot to avoid the billowing it creates. Solves the problem.

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I had a Bravos, it's an awful machine. The only thing you can do is sell it to someone you don't like or donate it for a science project. Then buy something that actually cleans your clothes and you do not have to spend 15 minutes untangling them after you "try" to do your laundry. I had a top load regular Maytag W/D for 18 years before I got the Bravos, a great pair. I bought the Bravos and matching dryer expecting the same great service as from my previous Maytag pair. It was such a disaster. Sometimes my clothes were so balled up they were not even wet and still dirty. It was gross. Believe me, I tried everything and this machine is a loser. It will ball up your clothes into the big ball that you speak of and take hours to right itself on it's own by adding more and more water unless you are standing right there. There's no throwing a load in and leaving the house to do errands. You must stay near your machine to prevent it. Gad, I hated that machine and just thinking about it gives me heartburn all over again. I'm so sorry you and I wasted our hard earned money on this awful machine. I have a GE front load with matching dryer now and it's much, much, much better but honestly, the old fashioned machines were the ones that cleaned and actually rinsed our clothes.

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Had a Bravos X. This was a lower priced belt driven machine.Not one of the F&P based DD motors. There were some things I liked; but the machine began to malfunction more and more.

Most folks just want a washer that cleans like it should, without having to relearn how to do laundry in these finicky overpriced disposable machines. My advice would be check out Speed Queen. The last of the true heavy duty agitator washers left.

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