Does anybody know of a quiet TL washer?

doral_gwJanuary 21, 2013

The Cabrio I just purchased (3.6) with "Quiet Technology" is anything but. During the wash and sensing cycles it makes a terrible grinding noise that we can hear all over the house.

Does anybody have a "quiet" suggestion?

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Are you looking for an HE machine or a regular conventional TL washer?


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We have the Samsung WA456. We never hear it running during the wash. We only hear it during the spin and that's only because the water is pumping out. Even that is not very loud.

We love it so far.

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mostly I am looking for a quiet washer that get clothes clean. I have space limitations which exclued a FL washer

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If your looking for a traditional TL washer, Speed Queens are much quieter than whirlpools by far, and get clothes really clean too

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A speed Queen is what I would like but............alas......none in our area. I had a F&P and could not get it service after my lowes warranty expired. Thus I am wary of something that I can't get serviced locally.

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If you can buy it online, anyne can work on it. It is a simple machine. Call speed queen up and ask them for advice on how to get it and possible servive which I doubt you will need.

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