Level Condensor?

bjp999June 24, 2011

We are having both our HVAC units replaced with Carrier Infinity. I requested concrete pads for the new units. They stacked the new pads on top of the existing pads as existing pads were too small for the new units, and also they are burried almost to the top in asphalt driveway (pads installed before driveway). I was okay with this.

Problem is, one of the existing pads was not level. It is level (or close) left to right, but front to back it is not. It is easily detectable by looking at it, and I am not too happy with the visuals as it sits about a foot from the other one which is much more level.

The installer said he could shim the bottom of the concrete pad, but then it would not be perfectly flat on the other pad and create noise. He said that the manufacturer suggests a tilt on the pad so water will run off, and that it will not hurt the unit. (My guess is you'd have to raise the rear of the pad about 3/4" to reach level).

Looks like he has already attached the lineset to the unit, although the electrical is not attached and the lineset is not neat and tidy as the other one, so they still have some work to do.

What do you suggest? Is there something that could be slid in the back to level it? Should I leave it alone?

(Quick answer requested, today is their last day and I may lose my chance to request a change).

What do you suggest I have them do?

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My HVAC contractor installed by Carrier condensers on two new pads. The are not concrete. The contractor used stone dust underneath the pad to level the ground. I was not present during the installation. They seem level, but I have put a level on them.

The contractor is not going to be happy about disconnecting the lineset, and I am not sure if you want to take the risk of compromising the connection.

I don't understand why putting a shim underneath the concrete pad will cause a problem. If you do place a wood shim, it needs to be pressure treated wood for ground contact. A slope of 1/4 inch per foot is the general rule of drainage on a patio. It sounds like you are within that slope, so I don't think you need to loose sleep over this.

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You can shim the pad. A 3/4 inch rise will pose no issues with the lines. Use a thick piece of rubber to help minimize vibration noise. You can buy rubber feet of various sizes that serve the purpose very well. I would suggest to shim the unit and not the pad if looks wise, it will be unnoticed. That will minimize noise.

Yes, a slight drop does help drain water since it has a tendency to run down hill. The units are made to take water drainage into consideration on a level pad.

Your particular issue is more cosmetic than anything and like you, I would prefer them both to look the same. You will get less long term wear and tear on a level unit but the manufacturer knows this isn't always going to be the case and has built in allowances. Think about it, if a tilt was so critical to drain water, the tech should have tilted the other one too. You can ask the installer if he would level the unit but just know, it is installed according to specs. and he might push back. I personally would have made them both look the same one way or the other because I know people look at that sort of thing, I surly do.

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The unit is mounted on these feet ("pump ups"?) to allow clearance underneath to blow leaves and reduce corrosion on the bottom of the units. He put some shims between the pump up and the unit that you can's see. That allows the pad to stay as-is, and the unit to be level. We measured the one next to it, that appeared level, but it was off too (in the opposite direction). So he put shims on the front of one and back of the other. Now perfectly level.

Thanks for the feedback!

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