Trane not cooling

cougar3222June 25, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I have a trane x17i unit that is just under three years old. I was having trouble with it not cooling properly and called for service. It was decided that the second stage compressor was not kicking in and a valve in the inside unit needed to be replaced. With that done and the outside temp in central fl. has been in the mid 90's. I have the thermostate set at 72. In the day time the house temp goes up to 80. I have left it set at 72 all night and at 6a.m.the temp is reading 74. The air out of the registers is cool and the air coming out of the outside unit is very warm. Is this normal with this heat? Any help is appriciated

Thanks, Joe

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The air inside should feel cold. The exhausted air from the condensor shhould optimally feel almost hot, so very warm may be OK. The big insulated pipe outside going into the wall should feel VERY cold and very wet. You should get a nice flow of air from the vents.

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Hey Cougar

This is EXACTLY what mine was doing.....It would not maintain the temp. I had it set at 74 and by 5pm, inside temp would be up to 78 until dark, then it would slowly come back down until ultimately it was back to 74 around midnight and then it would start to cycle as normal. Otherwise it ran all day. Tech came out, said I was 2 lbs low of freon.....He put more in and WHAT a difference!!!!! Even at 92 degrees out it maintains the temp I have it set on.....Mind you, the hottest part of the afternoon it doesn't cycle off much if any, but during the morning/early afternoon and night is cycles on/off as normal.

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How did he check the freon? Does it seem like something you could do yourself? Unit doesn't seem to cool effectively and of course started on Friday so I can't get anyone out until Monday to check. If it's also something simple I'd love to avoid a service charge.

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